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  1. ...not everyone can understand pain that they have never felt
  2. did it look like that you had a massive breakout right after? since you had it done a day earlier than I did, did you pretty much went through the same healing phase as i did? so, in theory, i should scab tomorrow if i go by your schedule. i really really hope so.
  3. I just had needling done professionally on tues 11/25. i had rolling scars on my cheeks and ice picks on my temples. after the procedure, it looks like that i had a MASSIVE breakout. i've been following the post op procedure by keeping it moist and not touching the area. it's now 3 days after, and even though the areas are less red, i am still unpresentable to the public. i was told that healing time is about 5-7days? i am afraid that it might be getting hyperpigmented. can any one please
  4. why don't you try another derm around your area if this one makes you wait until march? i would also consider maybe any derm within a 100 mile radius that has the soonest appt.
  5. don't buy it, it's useless... does nothing for red marks
  6. does anyone know a good, reputable place to get skin needling done in southern california? I've searched online but can't seem to find anything.
  7. RCRanger, you're an inspiration to all of us. Keep up the positive attitude. You're the man!
  8. your skin is gorgeous! I wish I have skin like yours!
  9. Effu, With you doing so many fraxels, is your skin near perfect now?
  10. I almost do not go out to the sun at all. I applied sunblock spf 30 when I commute to work driving. I just don't understand why i would have hyperpigmentation. Maybe my skin is too sensitive. Can you use salicylic acid and glycolic acid cleanser in between fraxels? it can't be stressed enough that it is an absolute requirement to stay out of the sun during the course of these treatments. i was using the obaji 32 SPF sunblock with double the zinc oxide of normal sunblocks. also, wear a ha