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    Hey i love food and music but i absolutely adore sleeping and being lazy
  1. i dont know if this song will change your life anytime soon but it will make you glad that you heard it. Comfy in Nautica by Panda Bear
  2. i feel you, but the only thing i am worried about is feeling that horrible after the acne is gone an the marks are gone. Try an surround yourself with some good friends and jut remember that everyone is beautiful it just depends on whose looking.
  3. no song right now can describe how i feel like this one, if u have any other just post them.
  4. To scary u think exactly like me. Though i find it weird how i dont see acne on anyone but when i look at my mirror and see myself i feel disgusted, just pathetic, but it's like invisible to me if someone else has it
  5. do it all the time, u feel guilty though because your like dam im pathetic i cant believe acne affects me this much
  6. Heh glad my post could help. It's not that I was brave or anything, its that I had a crush on a girl for over a year and never did anything about it. Granted I did get over her, but i'll never know what could've happened. I say just go for it!

  7. i applaud you near but dam you for making me paranoid as fu**, Dude i was about to ask this girl out, finally built my courage up u know to say sometin an bam i run into this delightful post. as of right now still to do anything with her but i guess in a way ur story is rather encouraging because well it does have a good ending even if u didnt get the girl, yet.
  8. Fireworks by Animal Collective, man that song makes me feel so alive also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25_gjUbvqNg- Panda Bear, this song just makes u feel good u know.
  10. DAY 156 Lookin decent, pictures soon, little break though so that really sucks but for some reason im feelin confident, so im hopping they're gone by monday since im planning sometin huge. Adios hasta la proxima semena
  11. i second cool as kim deal u got to give it more time, i mean c'mon 5 weeks thats not enough time, i've been using it for like 6 months and i still get sporadic break outs but not as bad as i used too, if you want to do this right give a minimum of 3 months , then go from there
  12. Somebody said it looks good on you? Who? my parents...oh its nothing they say, nobody cares if u have acne...im like f off
  13. DAY 149 Well it took forever but i guess i can see improvements my diet stil has no dairy but i eat grains in moderation. Vitamins are the same and so is the rest of the regimen only added NHSL with SPF 15 Red marks are an absolute bitch but hey it beats active acne. my 18th birthday is in 3 weeks im am like hoping like crazy to clear up up or just to look better by then. Anyways here's crossing my finger for a good rest of the year. cheers everyone sees yas next time.