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  1. Hey All, I've had some form of acne since i was 18 and am now 25. I've gone through bouts of mild, moderate, and cystic acne. I've been on every over the counter medicine available and have also been on prescriptions such as: Mino, Tetra, Doxy, Tazorac, Retin-A, Differin, BP, Benzaclin, Clindamyacin; but have only seen noticeable results form Mino. I have about 1-3 bad breakouts a month but always have collection of pimples on my face. Recently in January of this year, I had a really bad breako
  2. I was on mino for a while...that should clear things up. The only thing that sucks it changing eating times around taking the pills. Good Luck!
  3. You're referring to the petroleum jelly that's the base of neosporin I presume. It's not comedogenic. It's a very helpful tool in helping the skin heal. It provides a barrier of protection. It does not clog pores. Just don't use it too much as your body will build up a resistance to it. Yeah the petroleum jelly is what i was referring to because I believe it does clog pores and contribute to more acne but that's only in my opinion. When i used neosporin I used the cream but it never really
  4. I used to deal with the same exact thing...extremely frustrating razor burn and large pimples where i shaved. I'm not sure how old you are, your shaving methods, or what you are using but I used to use a ton of crap on my skin when i shaved and shaved fast. One day i decided to ditch the aftershave, face balm, and fragranced shaving creams and spent a good 5-10 minutes shaving. This dramatically improved my shaves and now i only get razorburn/acne from shaving once in awhile. I would stop rubbin
  5. Hey All, For as long as I can remember I've been getting small mosquito-like bumps on my face along with pimples. Now, my acne is somewhat diminished but the hive-like bumps keep randomly reoccurring on different areas of my face. My question is has anyone ever experienced symptoms like this on their face due to cetaphil moisturizing lotion for normal to oily skin? Mostly they come about 4-5 hours after applying the lotion. At this point I'm almost convinced it's due to the lotion because my sk
  6. After having moderate-severe cystic acne from the ages of 18-21 I was on a lot of antibiotics including doxy, mino, and tetra. Went from tazorac, BP, sal. acid, differin, Proactiv, and a lot of OTC products. For the last 2 years its subsided but never completely went away. For the last two months it has gotten increasingly worse and worse to the point I didnt want to go outside. I finally went to the doc and am on a second treatment of mino and now have benzaclin. Today is officially one we
  7. Thanks a lot. Im gonna try another moisturizer in hopes of it working. Thanks both of you for your input!
  8. Same problem here as well. Not sure what you use but switching to Gillette Sensor Xl razors has helped. Ive been using Mach 3's since I was 18 and finally switched a couple weeks ago. I also use Nivea for Men after shave balm. Its much better than an alcohol based aftershave. I still get them just not as bad. Prolly a 30-40% decrease since i started but it takes a little getting used to.
  9. Typically I do not have really bad breakouts. I used too but they have minimized dramatically over the years. However, probably due to stress, its getting bad again. I wanted some peoples opinions on somethings they have done to help. I have sensitive skin 1.) Are plain washes better than medicated ones? Ex. Does something like Aveeno Foaming Face Wash (.5 SA) or Tea Tree Wash help more than plain washes like Purpose Liquid or Cetaphil? (Keep in mind I cant rub BP or SA all over my face b
  10. Well yeah Ive tried that and unfortunately IT DOES work to some extent. I say unfortunately because i really like cereal and sweets now and again. I mean it hasn't cleared up all of it but compared to when i drank lots of milk and ate candy to now theres an improvement. In my opinion milk is the devil... lol. But seriously I try to avoid it because I do find i break out more when i digest milk/milk products (chocolate, yogurt, etc). I drink lots of coffee tho, I try not to but i love it. At
  11. I honestly believe my skin get much worse without shaving. It feels good for missing one day but after that all down hill for me. I like the stubble but by the 3rd morning its hell. However, I absolutely have seen more acne from shaving everyday tho due to my job. But I do try to shave every other day this seems to help me along with nivea balm and a sharp razor. Its much more comfortable.
  12. I too have recently done some damage to my face by applying BP on popped zits and then picking. BAD IDEA! But something I found working for me is: The little circle band aids and the neosporin CREAM, not oitment. The oitment makes them much worse do not try that stuff. It may be working because they are less pimple-like and much more like wounds. If the patch is small enough use these band aids they dont fall off during sleep but if its too big try a larger band aid. Try your best not to to
  13. Yeah that does make sense. Like I said before I think I learned a valuable lesson about popping them and applying BP. Even minimal amounts of BP on open zits is a bad idea. Thanks for Neosporin cream because it is helping...not as fast as I would like...but helping a lot. I’m really gonna try my hardest not to screw with them anymore because at least a pimple is somewhat normal unlike a huge scab. I agree its one of the hardest things a teen over to an adult can go thru. The psychologica
  14. First off, I would like to state that everyone on this site is strong...very strong. I say that because if your reading this you more than likely go through what I do on a daily basis. If you don't, than hats off to you for not letting such a shallow disease hurt you. I on the other hand am among the many who stress and ask the question "Why the hell is this happening to me?!" While many of us know simply by reading every possible acne article or website what causes acne, it simply amazes