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  1. Do you guys think it would be safe to do tca cross a few weeks after dermarolling? I dont know if it might be counter productive.
  2. I know what you mean about the roller picking up your skin, but the needles were definitely bent-i could see the tip bent. The needles are definitely long enough to scar your face thats why i stopped. There is only one original, patented roller and its only sold to dermatologists. Everything else is just a generic brand including the Dr. Roller. Im just gonna buy 3 medium priced rollers and use one for each part of my face. I think thats the safest way if you have lots of hard scar tissue.
  3. The scar tissue needs to turn white, there should be minimal pain.
  4. Are they supposed to bend so easily??...I just did my first rolling session and was only able to do half my face because the needles started to bend. I immediately stopped rolling when the needles started hooking my skin and lifting it. Could it be the needles bend easier on sever scarring cuz of all the scar tissue??I could really hear the scars popping and crackling...i used a 1.5mm dr.roller. :/
  5. I wouldnt date a girl with moderate or severe scarring even though mine is severe. Girls just look straight up nasty with scars, way uglier than dudes.
  6. Heres another article http://www.jcasonline.com/article.asp?issn...30;aulast=Majid
  7. I did tca on myself 2 weeks ago and saw improvement on only 2 scars(i did about 25). The rest look the same. but you need several courses to see improvement.
  8. how many sessions have you had?..I read it takes at least 4 to see some real improvement.
  9. how long are you supposed to keep applying sunscreen after tca??
  10. Thanks for the link. This one is also good. Shows some before and afters too!
  11. Try dermarolling. This is a good video.