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  1. A great dermatologist is your best route. If you can, wait the six months,then follow through with a plan. Did you ck out the real self site? There are many options and you need a skin doctor to help you because this is a medical condition. Any kind of physical disfigurement is hard to deal with and so are people and their judgments. If you have one person who truly accepts you,lean on them and then learn to accept yourself. It's tough,I've had various forms of acne forever and I still struggle
  2. I haven't used lasers myself but I put a search in google(best treatment for deep acne scarring) and came up with derm's recommendations on "www.realself.com" and they seem to have very comprehensive answers(not just about lasers). The treatment for your scars may not involve just one approach. One thing I've found personally is that probiotics,if you're going the natural route at all,can cause acne. There's a lot of talk about the acne/gut connection but unless you know the composition of your
  3. A reputable derm for laser treatment I would say...but do your research as certain laser treatments can make your skin worse. I'm very sorry this happened to you. As far as the natural route, drinking warm/hot water is great for detoxing and regular bowel movements,maybe with some powdered ginger for blood sugar control,first thing in the morning,before eating anything else.