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  1. Honey could be used as a topical. It has bacteria killing properties, and it is exellent for wounds, to prevent infection, and to increase heal time. The ancient egyptians were the first to discover some of the many uses for honey.
  2. Honey is nice, but if it causes you to breakout, i would stop
  3. I was thinking of using cocoa butter too. They are good for dark marks, and Minor scars. It does smell nice.
  4. Cold water is key to clear skin. When i lived in a country with no heated water for 4 years, i had no acne. It was freezing cold water every morning and actually felt good in a hot , all year round weather. My skin was perfect. Then I came back to the U.S and the combination of unhealthy stuff that was available to me in the end messed the shit out of me . People say that certain foods don't cause acne. I agree. I think unhealthy food cause acne. When I wasn't in the U.S, I ate rice ev
  5. What if you spray your eye? that would suck
  6. LOL i can relate. I have been with it for about a year also. Other people get super clear, but after a while you'll get clear, just don't pay attention to it alot.
  7. Yup, i'ved stopped yesterday. I popped a pimple about the same size as the another one, and left the otherone alone. The other one disappeared the next day, leaving no scar or scab or anything. The popped one in turn now had a scab, turning into a scar. I will never pop again, who knew, if you just left them alone they would go away .
  8. I can relate to you so much. Everything you described has happened to me. Friends distant... Anti-social..... Avoids going outside..... And this in turn makes you perceived as a loner, outcast person, which only makes the situation worse.
  9. We were all raised to have a pre-set image of what an ideal person would look like. Anything different is considered unattractive. I used to be what one might consider "attractive", but after acne raped my face and left scars, people think other wise. People who havn't seen me in three years have distanced their selves from me, or i think i have distanced my self from them, because I do not want to be perceived as unnatractive.
  10. I pray daily for all the people like me who have their life hampered by acne. I think it is so unfair if you have to live with this disease, especially if you get it when your young. You become anti-social, lose all the friends you had, are perceived as a loner, and considered repulsive due to acne. Sometimes I ask my self "Of all the people in the world, I have to get this. And I'm really kind person. Yet mean people have baby smooth skin. Life is unfair. It also pummels your confidence.