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  1. thanks for the info wicky. i checked out both the products that uve mentioned seriously i feel that the calming zinc bar soap should work well its natural and safe i too feel like giving it a try. though im nt sure abt the replenix cf cream, frankly speaking as my skin is very sensitive i would be very scared to try it. anyways please keep ur progress updated on this topic. thanks
  2. @[email protected]:- this is how i got rid of it the first time 1) medications : elidel cream (i only use it when required) fucidin h cream (fusidic acid) (i use it as a spot acne treatment) 2) face : sensitive facial cleanser gillette fusion hydra gel for ultra sensitive skin gillette fusion thermal face scrub before shaving razor gillette pro glide power 3) diet : detox diet (aviod spicy oily food) no smoking, minimum alcohol intake (well when i was clear i used
  3. hey sypherr, post ur pics mate . . it sounds like rosacea though . . what medication uve been using?
  4. hi! peeps . . ive been suffering from seb derm since 2007 recently i got cleared up completely with no redness nothing but a comical incident took place with me so the story goes like this was in hurry had to head out i had applied fucidin h cream (fusidic acid) on my pimples then i wiped my face with a soft tissue and by mistake i rubbed ice over my face without prior washing my face and left the ice dry up on my face for 15-20 mins then i went in for a shower after 3-4 hrs my face turned all
  5. hey! hows everyone doing? ever since ive got seborrheic dermatitis ive been on elidel and fucidin h cream it had almost cleared me completely but recently i rubbed ice over my face on which i had applied fucidin h cream before but had also wiped it with a soft tissue and then ice was rubbed. now my cheeks have become red and itchy again i would say im back to square one. elidel isnt helping anymore. presently im just washing my face with oatmeal w/ water and applying elidel twice a week. any hel
  6. ive jus got these muscle tech supplements i.e. mass tech and meso tech i think it will help me gain some weight i was jus worried abt 1 thing can it make my acne worse even if i consume it wid water wht should i do inorder to be sure tht it wont make my acne worse
  7. hi ihsahn! good to hear tht ur sd has nearly cleared, well in my case sebum on my face has reduced quite a bit n i guess i dnt have acne but wat i have is pityrosporum folliculitis n slight pinkness on my nose..ive been using elidel off and on and fucidin-h cream for pustules..wht i recently read is sinclair pharmaceuticals has come up wid a cream specially for sd its called sebclair its presently sold in Italy, France, Greece and Turkey n frm Jan 2009 it will be available in the USA n somewhere
  8. I was just surfing for some tips on dermatitis i came across this particular video it claims that this miracle water (shown in the video) can cure all skin problems like acne, eczema, dermatitis, skin rashes and even psoraisis i was really amazed was thinking could it be really possible so i thought i'll put up this out here to discuss it with u guys and also to know what do u'll think abt it! Japan's Miracle Water But the effects of the so called miracle water are not instant it takes abt 4-6
  9. i jus got a tube of daktarin but it is in gel form is the gel as good as the cream base...i guess il do a patch test 1st jus to c whether its workin or not...
  10. i jus got nizoral cream and daktarin today in daktarin i got gel base coz cream wasnt available...so how many times in a week u gotta put it is it safe to use every day...r u serious nizoral even helps reduce sebum...
  11. thanks for the info...1 more thing does ipl help get rid of redness...thanks
  12. "All that we are is the result of what we have thought"

  13. i absolutly agree with u dude differin surely does suck coz of dis ive got seborrheic dermatitis now...