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  1. DKR is really a great way to get started on your journey to clear skin, but too bad it didn't work for me. Although I need to mention, BP prolong the healing of red marks. However, less is more. There are a lot of alternatives on this forum, so check around.
  2. Thinking about it, sleeping without pillow case seems to make sense since I used to sleep without one when I was younger. Count me in.
  3. Citrus fruits are known to cause breakouts in some.
  4. Makes your skin REAL SMOOTH. Does not help with my acne though. I've used it topically for 2 weeks, and DRANK IT.
  5. I've done it before. Applying it on my skin makes it really smooth. However, drinking it did not make my acne go away.
  6. By dipping your face in water for some time, you can actually see the severity of the dead skin. Mine was like a white mask. I should have taken a photo that time....
  7. Ok I assume my skin is oily then. The climate in my country is warm and humid throughout so having flakes is a very rare occurence. I'm currently doing the water only and therefore my face is full of dead skin. I wish to start incorporating a gentle oil-based cleanser into my regimen, but I don't know what suits me. =/
  8. I'm actually very confused with all the skin types. I see people write about their oily skin, and others had dry skin (like yours), and yet I see some with DRY BUT OILY? I just don't get how can one have 2 types of skin at the same time. I always thought dry and oily are bipolar (is that a correct word to describe opposite?). Also how do I know what my skin type is?
  9. Yea that's what I planned. Only down side is I can't go swimming with excessive dead skin on my face.
  10. Day 76 with tons of dead skin and no significant improvements yet. yepican did you remove the dead skin already? I seemed to have another skin problem. When a part of my face itch (lets say forehead), only the area where it itches turns rash-like red, while other parts of my face looks normal.
  11. I have been doing the water only for 2 months and over now, and I want to incorporate a gentle cleanser into my regimen. I haven't gotten the time to read the articles you posted yet. I might consider this, but I have some questions on my mind for quite some time now: What is the difference between dry and oily skin, or other types of skin (if any) for that matter? I keep seeing people write about how they have oily skin and others had dry, and some said they had oily but dry skin. Lastly, how
  12. OK for those who are interested in how its going for me now: I've done this for 70 daysI wash once a day now rinsing with water onlyI leave the dead skin aloneSkin tone is dull most probably due to the dead skinI still breakout like I do before starting thisFace is still oily as usualRed marks does not seem to fade at allEverything in a nutshell; I haven't seen any significant improvements to this date.
  13. I thought acne bacteria couldn't survive with the presence of oxygen, which is why we use BP for acne treatment.