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  1. I forgot to update last week but anyway Im probably going to be going off spironolactone very soon. I havent gotten my period since i started it and its almost been 2 months. In the beginning i just thought it was late because mine arent very regular but its been way too long. My parents are worried so I have to go to the doctor and then back to the derm to see whats wrong and most likely go on a different medication. Does this happen to other women on spironolactone?
  2. I read it got worse for a lot of women before it got better, Im still waiting for it to get better. I know finals stress is making it worse, but Ive never had so much acne. I talked to my derm again and she keeps saying just be patient. Its started to barley clear up since last week. Because this treatment makes the skin very dry i noticed that my scalp has also been very dry too. I still have hope for this medication because it really helped a lot of people, so Im going to continue taking it bu
  3. ZAla3

    works for a few months

    works for a few months

    I started taking it in july and it worked great, by september i was only getting about 4 small pimples a month. But once it hit november it started to not work? i started breaking out as much as i would before i started taking it. So i went of it and started spironolactone.
  4. ZAla3

    starting to give up?

    starting to give up?

    Ive been using it for almost a month and my skin has never broken out this bad, I talked to my derm and they said it gets worse before it gets better but i dont know if i can take it anymore. Im fine with breaking out when starting a medication because i usually do but with this one my face, chest and shoulders are just covered with small itchy pimples. Before this my skin was extremely oily but now its really itchy, dry and flaky and i dont know if i should keep using it or not.
  5. Severe acne sadly runs in my family, so I already had the genetic part against me. I started getting acne at just 10 years old but it got really bad right before my 11th birthday. It was so bad I asked to go to the dermatologist for my birthday, Ive been going to the same one since. At the time they just gave me a sulfur face wash and some moisturizer, and it continued to get worse. So when I went to stay with family in Mexico for a few months I saw a dermatologist there and they started me on T