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  1. Mandykings24 Thank you so very much for taking the time to reply it looks like I was applying too much so I’ve cut it down the amount of BP so pretty much starting over because I know it was my fault for applying too much too soon plus I also now I only do the regiment to once a day and eventually I will be doing it 2 times a day doing it once a day has helped me so much my face doesn’t hurt any more is still dry ( but not that dry though) and flaky however that’s part of the process and
  2. Hi I’ve been on the regiment for almost 3 weeks now and I don’t know why my face is sooo dry it doesn’t matter how much I moisturize my face is dry, flaky, and it hurts so much it’s so bad that it almost looks as if I had exzema .... and plus the first week my face was clear now I’m breaking out on places I didn’t even had acne I’m so confused and about to quit
  3. Hello I’m here wondering if there is anyone out there who can give some advice of my dry-flaky itchy skin I’ve been using acne.org for a week and a half and my face won’t stop flaking and it’s winter where I live and that does help the case ive mixed the jojoba oil with the lotion from the regiment and still dry itchy flaky sometimes it burns I don’t know what to do I don’t want to stop the regiment because it works I’ve no new breakouts in just 1 week I’m wow by this product but my