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  1. Well I got my 3 week holidays off work and since I aint goin abroad anywhere I thought I would do a TCA peel, considerin the down time is 2 weeks and you really gotta hibernate as your face turns into a mess! I actually put it on lastnight (and boy did it hurt!!!) so I've gone 1 day! I'm gonna post sum before and after pics for you all to see how I get on. Pics will be posted tomorrow. Wish me luck!
  2. Try taking a break? let your skin heal. just drink lots of water.
  3. I say A definitely! 30% is nice and it does work BELIEVE ME! Ive been using it for 1 month and im a changed man! had loads of deep red marks that have been on my face for years and in my time using glycolic i bought from Ebay, they have faded about 60-70% AMAZIN!! I was gonna post before and after pics but accidently deleted the 'before' pics on my phone. DOH!
  4. you should always drink loads of water if ur tryin something new, keep a bottle with you, wherever u go and keep drinking till your pee is clear.
  5. Thnx Mitzie, I'll try that. There are rubber gloves there if I want them, I just think they make me look like a housewife lol but anything to stop this! I also have access to a very clean bathroom whenever I like. So that helps. I think the wipes may help aswell, as I currently use Clearisel Complete. So my face will be no stranger to that Thank You.
  6. I recently got a new job (in a kitchen), started about 6 days ago. Now, before I had this job my skin had no ACTIVE acne at all, just sum red marks. And it had been like that for months, unless I eat sum chocolate to let you all know, this job includes: working in pretty hot room temperatures, working around greasy foods and handling greasy foods and peoples leftovers (sick I know ) 2 days after I started I had my first break-out in months! then day after day it got worse. Everyday I woke u
  7. I'm opposite aswell. Whenever i shave i look 100 times worse same with haircut. I think its just all in the head though. Shouldn't really stop shavin though, the more u shave the quicker it will go away
  8. Thanks for your replies. Momof2boyz, you are right my scars arent too bad and dont really bother me as they dont really stand out much. But my red marks do and there are quite a few. I know they will heal with time but some of them have been on my face for about 6 months now. I just need a Q U I C K solution as i have some important events coming up in a few months (weddings etc.). I have tried the vinegar and tape method (which is nice) but dont seem to do much. I was thinking the same thing a
  9. So I've finally managed to stop my acne once n for all (grown out of it, i think) I have quite a few red marks and small scars on both cheeks that i want rid of FAST ! After reading on the boards about Smoothbeam, NLite and other laser treatments I thought i should give em' a try. The only thing stopping me is the fact that they are a bit pricey and most of the time need a few treatments, also it is near impossible to find one up here in Scotland. Anyway.. I woke up today and out of nowhere
  10. Yep! gonna try that lemon water thing and the tape Thanks for all ur help.
  11. Hi all ! new here Ive been an acne sufferer for a few years now, tho I'm starting to clear up. I have these little red dots where my acne used to be n I dunno what they are. I've always just thought they were scars, but looking through these forums I don't think they are :-k my skin is nice n smooth where they are, so i normally just slap some cover-up stuff on. Thanks alot if someone can help me out. I would really like to know so i can start searching the net for quickers ways to get ri