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  1. I would ask why he denied it first. If he says no with no reason I would go to another dermatologist. What is your weight and how many mg per day did you take?
  2. Yesidayes

    My *progress*

    Girl, 50kg. Week 1: 20mg Week 2-4: 40mg Week 5: 60mg Week 6-: 40mg
  3. Hi! I would love a update! Ive been on Accutane for almost two months now. I'm a girl and I weigh 50 kg. I started with 20mg/day for 7 days, then 40mg/day. My side effects has been okay, except for the severe worsening of my acne. I've never had acne this bad. I'm not getting depressed because of the drug, I'm getting depressed of the damn, horrible pimpels. After month 1 my doctor said that he couldn't "accept" the cystic acne I had so he put me on 60mg/day for 7 days. It didn't help. I'm
  4. Started Accutane 28 October 2017