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  1. I use Mac's Select Moisturecover Concealer for under-eye darkness. It's light, easy to blend, and by far the best concealer I've ever used for the under-eye area. *However, it isn't the best choice for covering blemishes or scars. I can't suggest anything about the mineral powders; I've never used the powders from both those brands.
  2. A guy with a huge nose, rotting yellow teeth, or shorter than 5'9". How superficial but its true. I don't mind acne or scarred skin, however.
  3. I never received a compliment when I was in my mid-teens. I started breaking out at 17 and oddly enough, at 19 the compliments started pouring in from everyone. I had dry skin, red marks, and some scars too. Who knows what happened Even with acne, you're a few persons' cup of tea somewhere.
  4. I use an l-ascorbic acid (vitamin c) serum for my under eyes and moisturize with emu oil. The vitamin c protects from free radicals and will encourage collagen production. Emu oil is just a great moisturizer.
  5. I use it. It hasn't caused any reactions for me. I apply it, wipe it off, and I do usually wash my face afterwards because I don't feel my skin is "clean" enough unless I cleanse with my soap I don't like that it is too greasy but I guess it works with my dry skin. I prefer it more to the makeup removers in liquid form. I find those to be too drying and not as effective. I've never used an oil makeup remover. EDIT: I personally don't think it's good for deep cleansing. This is just my
  6. I have thick straight hair. It's either prone to dryness or just normal. I usually wash it all every other day but I have a fringe right now and I wash that area daily... I use dry shampoo sometimes (Psst Dry Shampoo - cheap). If I wash it everyday, my hair gets really dry by the end of the week.
  7. Hi, I currently use L-ascorbic serums to stimulate collagen. I've been using l-ascorbic consistently for around five months now. It's helped with fine lines around my eyes and overall, my skin is much more refined. But I do make my own. I'm not sure if you like that idea. It saves me A LOT of money and thus far, it seems to be helping so I like it. Check out essentialdayspa (the forum). There's a DIY Vitamin C recipe if you search it. You can get ingredients at SkinActives or LotionCraft
  8. - Glycolic toner - Any kind of lip balm - Concealer
  9. I'm 21, living in LA too and with my mom. I work part-time and much of my earnings go into my savings while the rest I use for school and my other necessities. I have been pretty embarrassed when people ask where I live - only because there is that expectation BUT I do know a lot of other 20 and up year olds who still live with their parents, going to school or not. I just don't want to put half my earnings in a month towards rent for, most likely, some studio where I know I'd only be in fo
  10. Unibrows are a definite no. Just pluck them. That's what I do... lol Facial hair less than an inch is okay. Some guys can really pull it off. I don't really like hair backs or hairy chests... But if you really like someone, it won't matter that much anyway.
  11. Can you tell me the name of the product you are using? thanks! I use their own brand emu oil (Lure Beauty). https://lurebeauty.authsecure.com/emu-oil-p...e2bb624163ae94b I use the four oz. one and it lasts for.... the last one I've been using since February and there's still 1/3 left. Pretty good, I think. I use day and night. I recommended it to a friend because she complimented how improved my skin was (in terms of dryness. I'm really prone to dryness ie. flaky, tight skin) an
  12. I have no experience...but I'd say hospital. I've heard it's better.... Why not check out makemeheal.com
  13. I currently use L'Oreal's Voluminous. Works for me. I want to try out out Telescopic next though. I've only used two other mascaras and those were Maybelline's Great Lash and Cover Girl's Lash Exact. ...I think cheap mascara is the way to go. Must replace every three months or so.
  14. Do you mean the lancets? If so, I purchased a box of a 100 pieces at a local US pharmacy without any prescription... just grab from whichever aisle they're located. It may be the same in Australia.
  15. I don't know about others but in my case, whenever I get a cyst, 60% of the time I get another one in te same exact spot after it goes away. This has been the major reason for my worst scars. My vote goes to the Cyst.