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  1. BFG i love you but seriously i used to have to take prednisone to get my acne to respond like this write a book or something
  2. the bottle says take 2-6 daily in the directions. "6 for cholesterol lowering use"
  3. do you find any foods cause you to breakout like dairy bfg?
  4. the reg is going pretty well for me. the first two days i did it i lathered the soap onto my face and neck just like a normal soap so that was probably the problem. cheeks are not burning now although my acne is all neck chest and back so i have been applying a lot less soap to my cheeks and none of the bp. the cysts on my neck are still here but they don't hurt and i am pretty confident they are healing and getting smaller. the fiber pills have not really affected me at all as i was expecting
  5. taking six fiber a day had no noticeable impact for me besides the fact that i don't get bloated when i eat anymore
  6. i lather the bar soap in my hands then apply to my face and neck trying not to rub too much. wipe it off with a cool cloth. put the oxy cold bp on. wait 15 mins then use the cool cloth to wipe that off. its my cheeks that will burn. i think its from the bar soap.
  7. if my skin slightly burns on this reg am i doing something wrong
  8. i am doing just my face and neck for now see how it goes then i will try my chest and back. though i cant really figure out how i would wash with the soap get it all off then do the peroxide on my chest and back. how did you do it? just lather up hop in the shower then get out and wait 15 mins then shower again? edit* so far i have noticed that my checks are starting to burn. and right after i do the regimen my face gets real red and burns quite a bit. did you ever experience this?
  9. what about back and chest acne would the steps be the same?