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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm thinking I'm going to book an appointment to see my derm again, but until then I've changed my skin care a bit. I've started exfoliating and using a mask once a week, both from Clinique, but my skin is mildly breaking out. Not badly, just like little red bumps here and there. Is this purging, or a sign this whole thing is a bad idea?
  2. I haven't been to this site in almost two years, not because my skin was perfect, but because I had to stop the obsession. My skin has gotten mildly better, possibly with age (I'm 21), but it hasn't cleared up entirely. I tend to break out about once a month, which I'm assuming is hormonal and all that jazz (I'm female). The main problem now tends to be leftover red marks and slightly damaged skin from being a teenager and trying every acne regimine on the planet. The break outs I do get now als
  3. hey guys... i don't really know where else to post this, but i was just looking for some advice/opinions. i'm going up to a friend's cottage for three days next weekend, and since there's eight of us going, it's not going to be the cleanest weekend! i'm doubting the chances for showers, and proper face washing, so i was looking for tips on how to not look like a bag of crap at a cottage! i have the type of hair that gets dirty after not washing it for one day, so i can't figure out how i'm
  4. So, when I was getting my eyebrows waxed, the esthetician took an interest in my skin. She told me that I had to try diaper cream for acne/red marks 'cause of the zinc oxide in it. I did a quick search here, and Desitin came up. So, I bought some and now I'm trying it. I'm a little freaked out 'cause the cream is so heavy, but it doesn't feel greasy. Anyone tried this recently? I'll keep you posted.
  5. I used it years ago, but I remember hating it. It dried out my skin a ton and did nothing to heal acne. I also didn't have alot of patience with it though, and it might've worked if I had've stuck with it.
  6. Honestly, I've tried the drinking water thing, and saw no improvement. I'm sure if I stuck with it longer I would, and it really is just good for you in general, but I want instant gratification! Ahhh patience is a virtue few of us have.
  7. Wow, clearly I suck at keeping these things updated. Alright so I've been on mino for about two weeks now, and it's been okay. I've cleared up a bit, but nothing dramatic. I broke out today 'cause I went to a club last night and got all grimey and sweaty. I think I'm going to change moisturizers, because that's the only variable of my routine I haven't messed around with yet. I'm happy with cleansers, drugs, and everything else, so now I just need to find a light moisturizer. Anyone know a good
  8. Hey, What do you think of the ACV? I'm thinking about using some to get rid of red marks... but you're right, it smells like hell! I can't decide if I should leave it on overnight or not. Ciao, and good luck!
  9. I just started on minocin, and I'm using the Phisoderm cleanser too. Let's hope this works... do you find Phisoderm to be kind of drying, at all?
  10. Day 1 Okay, so I know I started this post awhile ago, but today is day one of me actually doing my regimen. I've been using the Phisoderm cleanser for the past few days, and it's actually helped a bit. I think it's basically just dried out my skin, which can't go on forever. I think once the Minocin kicks in, I'm going to switch to Spectro-jel. I'll give it some time. I still have that god-awful problem area on the right side of my chin. I need to do some red mark treatment. Time to go back to
  11. I was hoping I wouldn't have to start one of these... but I'm hopeless at keeping track of progress on my own. Plus, I love the support and advice you all are so good at. Anyway, I'm a 19 year old female who's been suffering from acne since I was about 14-15 years old. I've had ups and downs, right now is definately a down, which is why I'm back here. Things I've tried: Tretoinin, Clindoxyl, Retin-A, BP, various drugstore stuff. I just came from my campus doctor who prescribed me Minocin an
  12. Hey, Your skin sounds alot, alot like mine. Even down to the fact that my right side is worse than my left! I'm 19 too, and hoping I'll grow out of this nonsense. Anywho, I tried the BS and vinegar thing, but stopped because the BS started to break me out. I think it was too harsh for my skin. I started the green tea toner after that, since my red marks are still pretty annoying. I've used it for about three weeks, and it's faded my minor red marks, but my darker ones are still kickin' around!
  13. I've been using the green tea toner, and have seen some improvement in my red marks. I still have a few dark suckers that I need to get rid of though... I'm wondering about using the green tea in the mornings and diluted vinegar at night. Do you think the combo of the two will help faster, or is it overkill?