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  1. You want to wash your face in the morning because you were just sleeping on it all night and the oil and dirt from your face gets on your pillowcase and makes you breakout. Also, it’s good to wash the acne med off your face or at least that’s what my derm told me. Best of luck!
  2. So I am currently on clindamycin 1% gel in the morning and trentinoin gel .05% and I recently got two pimples right next to each other that are really red but haven’t come to the surface yet. I can’t really put other meds on my face since I’m on prescription meds?? But is there anything I can do to help the redness
  3. I know my derm talked to me about accutane and she warned me if I start it then my skin will get worse before it gets better and it takes a few months to work. Drinking lots of water will help along with lotion and chapstick to ease the dryness.
  4. Hi I’m Kelly and I’ve been recently struggling with an acne problem I thought was resolved :(. I have been taking minocyline for the past 3 months and recently was taken off of it by my derm. Also, I was on trentinoin .05% and clindamycin 1% gel along with the minocyline. I am still on the prescription gels however upon coming off the pill a week or two ago my face has consistently gotten worse breaking out. Shouldn’t the gels be preventing that? Will this get better with them or should I ask to