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  1. Just so you know, even on Differin my skin is still having issues. I still have numerous pimples and am breaking out constantly. However, the only difference is these peoples dont turn cystic like they used to, But my skin looks a helluva lot worse now than it did when i started breaking out, but a helluva a lot better than it did about eight months ago. I have been unlucky to have a dismissive dermatologist who only saw me ONCE and then a doctor and nurse who dont really know much about skin c
  2. isotrexin might work for you! For me it did to an extent but definitely caused a severe flare up. I'm doing pretty well on Differin right now. I'd suggest looking into that as it's not harsh on the skin. I've only got a few active major acne spots right now, i definitely, at the risk of jinxing it, am seeing some improvements now.
  3. I do too. I have relatively little acne (actually none but slight milia on forehead where I don't use BP), but I know I'll relapse soon/get something and I have a slight infection on the left cheek so it'll be interesting to see how that works out. Hope this helps. edit: Just updated. 2x edit: Day 2!: Morning: Decided since the Differin and Clindamycin was so mild I'll go day to day and see how it goes. Very comfortable, felt little to no burning, and my skin isn't dry and I've yet
  4. So im a couple of days into Differin now. I noticed my skin has been looking a bit better. Less irritated, peely and angry, fewer new spots too, but have noticed tonight i have a lot of kind of congested pores and things which have obviously been there before. Just feels like a never ending cycle of new acne in development. I have a question for everyone with acne. Why the hell is it i have to wait until my acne gets "severe" before i find a treatment like accutane which is far more likely to w
  5. Okay so today i was prescribed differin to go with my constant flow of eurthromycin. I am going to trial differin for a few months and if my skin worsens significantly on it, we are switching back to isotrexin as i noticed the following in the past few days - my skin has settled, is much less oily than it was in London, and isnt as agrivated. - the right hand side of my face only gets a very occasional whitehead now, the main acne seems to be drying up. - the left hand and forehad of my face
  6. Im onto Differin from today on. Overall, Isotrexin helped me to an extent, but it also aggrivated my acne. I think it could definitely work for someone with another skin type, but my very sensitive, soft skin didn't react fantastically to its harshness
  7. 8.5 weeks in. my skin is still miserable looking. Now it has these dull blotchy brown "red marks" where id usually get red. I also have redness mind, and lots of tiny spots still. Funny how ive luckily had a decrease in major inflammatory acne but had a major increase in mild acne on Isotrex and Isotrexin. Looks like I will be switching to Differin about week 10-11. They say you should start to see results after about 8 weeks. Ive seen only general worsening. The results i have observed on I
  8. Hey thanks for your replies My breakout looked like it was getting better but its getting worse again I have a skin nurse appointment tomorrow and im going to discuss with her wether its worth sticking on at Isotrex. Im in my fifth or sixth week now and it's been breakout hell thus far. I've had no relenting in the painful, nearly cystic spots and hundreds of smaller bumps ive been getting. Red, peeling and angry face hasnt been great either. But ive got a new attitude to it, im not letting it
  9. Update: I have 3 or 4 "lumpy" spots right now. Inflammed acne for sure. A variety of smaller ones. But i feel like, touch wood, its for the best. Went drinking last night which gave me two new spots today. My skin was NEVER sensitive to alcohol before. It also was not as oily/dry as it is now. Its seriously like one time ill touch it and flakes fall out on my hand then the next my skin is slicking oil. Really getting annoyed about the little bumps all over right now. If it was just a few majo
  10. Not a good day. Jinxed it. Lefthandside broke out with three/four minor spots. Chin is covered in tiny little bumps. Nose funnily had a rare spot Forehead is doing okay Righthandside continues to break out severely. Three of the spots are almost cystic in nature, i popped one tonight on accident and it literally had FIVE vents for whatever was inside. Disgusting. Painful. Huge. It feels like it was five spots come together actually. Anyone else had that on isotrex? My face is looking shocking
  11. Do retanoids CONSTANTLY make your skin red and irritated? I was under the assumption irritation ceased after a while and your skin starts to improve?
  12. Saw a doctor about my acne yesterday She was a) unfamiliar with isotrex b) very very surprised that my derm and doctor put me on it without my doctor actually having prescribed it to anyone before c) Quite annoyed for me in relation to my dermatologist who "fobbed me off" and my doctor who just prescribed whatever without knowing anything about it She told me to give it a few more weeks, and if my skin significantly worsens any further by mid march then think about switching. She also gave