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  1. A mild soap such as Dove, Vaseline-Despite what people think it is in fact non comedogenic and if you apply a thin layer over a wet face after you wash your face at night it will moisturize your face by preventing the evaporation of water and not only that it will aid redness and healing of skin i.e acne scars, Shaving foam-since your a dude obviously, a 2 bladed razor-least irritating, a bottle of witch hazel-canbe used as toner/astringent/aftershave/spot treatment thats all you need you don't
  2. GOD!!! i wish evry1 would stop over-complicating skin care forget that olay crap that will leave a hole in your pocket this works for getting rid of dull skin and brightening your face and you probably have these items in your kitchen, so don't knock it until you try it. Get lemon juice (bottled or fresh doesn't matter) and brown or white sugar, mix them to make a scrub, on a damp face GENTLY scrub in circular motions leave for 2 mins and rinse with cool water. This works I dare you to say it do
  3. Its basically alot like Vaseline but with a few added ingredients like Salicylic Acid etc you would get the exact same results by using Vaseline on your face or Aquaphor they are all incredibly similair this was a tip i was told years ago by my beautician
  4. Firstly I hate " the regimen" as far as im concerned benzoyl peroxide does not work for my skin but if it works for you great. As for moisturizer I would reccomend something from Neutrogena with SPF Neutrogena are a very good brand and maybe a slightly oilier moisturiser at night basically just a moisturiser even as simple as Lubriderm is sufficient
  5. Poresdo not open and close! they soften (warm water) and harden (cold water)
  6. SERIOUSLY, calm down, ditch everything and use nothing but COLD WATER to rinse your face in the morning and DOVE SOAP AND WARM WATER in the evening. Try your best not to eat so much junk. NO MOISTURIZERS, TONERS, SUNSCREENS, NOTHING. Give your skin a break and save your money. Think about it this way there are worse things to have than acne.
  7. ihavetaste, how about soaking your face in boiling hydrochloric acid should do the trick lol and soap and water for your foul tongue
  8. ARM ACNE! ha, your soo lucky at least its not on your face basic soap and water should clear it up
  9. Aggravating their already existing acne! not causing it through their actions, get it right you twit
  10. Hold on a minute, I never for one moment said it was someones "fault that we have acne" I was pointing out how a number of factors can contribute to acne that are not always down to usage of a product and that some people have good results using those skin care brands, just because they didn't work for you does not mean they haven't helped someone else. Also this whole idea "S*** just happens" is disregarding all the causes of acne such as puberty,genetics,hormonal imbalance it is incredibly ra
  11. It is very general to say that these products do not work, you fail to take into account those who have good results with brands such as Neutrogena. In most cases it is usually the individuals fault that that their acne is aggravated not always the product. Irritation of acne by individuals can be due to cleansing with too hot water, being to vigorous with facial scrubs, rubbing the face dry instead of patting, touching the face, or just diet. It is a riduculous idea to believe their is some con
  12. Witch Hazel is the best toner of them all, and the least irratating it is brilliant for acne prone skin highly reccomended
  13. I recomend a wet washcloth scrubbing gently in circular motions on your face for exfoliating far cheaper in my own experience Clean and Clear aren't great In terms of Apple Cider Vinegar you should dilute it in a glass bottle 25% ACV and 75% Water, Shake Well and apply using a spray bottle on your back and face or cotton wool if you can manage it. I would be concerned with the smell though, what cleared up my back acne is stopping shower gel and body wash and just letting water from the shower