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  1. Alright friends, I've decided to share with you my acne experiences as of late. About 2 weeks ago my skin was looking absolutely dead, it was so blotchy and dry...and I was getting frustrated... new acne was popping up out of no where. This was at about the same time that I seen American Psycho, and seen Christian Bale's character go commando on his skin. (you have to be a youtube user to watch... says its not suitable for minors) I was like hah yeah right it's all holistic this is ruinin
  2. I drink one cup a day. I've gone like 5 or 6 days without it before, it usually just makes me feel shittier. Perhaps I should give it up, but it's the only thing I drink other than water and it is my all time favorite liquid. I don't drink it with sugar, just milk and a sweetener... I've learned to love it this way.
  3. Well, it didn't take long to find accutane... My friend who does steroids told me the guy he buys from sells it for 3 dollars a pill... about the same as the pharmacetucal companies. Backstory... 10 years with some form of acne.... actually 2 of those years were relatively clear. Currently: About 2-3 active pimples a week. But once in a while a zit comes up that fucks everything up... I just hate living in fear of getting a breakout... I want it to end. It's not even so much the acne...
  4. There may be some benefits to this. But all you are crapping is solidified olive oil. If you melt those things down you could probably cook with them. Be a pretty crappy tasting meal though. Maybe that's the cure to acne? Someone try it out... the whole forum will follow suite if you get clear for a few days.
  5. Is it available online... as in free download... online...? Sounds interesting. And if that is you in your picture, I wouldn't worry too much about looking beautifal.
  6. Danny. I know people that go to the gym every day, play sports a few times a week and eat nothing but the healthiest foods and get terrible acne. Claiming it's all due from energy balances is not a very good explanation. It's an illness with a specific cause and a specific cure. Both of which we don't know yet.
  7. I'd rather have the 10 years I have wasted with acne back and die at 60 with cancer than live untill 70 knowing that my teen years and now my 20s have been tampered with this shit.
  8. Interesting, I was wondering this myself. My natural posture isn't that great. But I've been implementing better postures, and it's becoming more natural... maybe there will be a difference.
  9. Yeah, why are some kids just plain fat? Genetic.
  10. As you put it. Our reaction to this "so called" toxic drug is acne. So then, why after switching to all these diets people still get it. By your account, all it would take is a few weeks on a good diet before the symptoms go away. Acne has been documented for as long as history can be remembered...sure the modern diet has increased the cases of acne... but it hasn't caused it.
  11. Yeah. I made a thread about it too afterwards. My immune system couldn't give a shit about some excess sebum... it was in heightened response mode keeping me alive for exams. I kid you not. 3 Days after exams... I was relaxing... not thinking of acne... Fresh batch of red devils. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...=195931&hl=
  12. I started eating good because I was starting to get fat and wanted to live healhier. Unrelated to acne.
  13. Yes man! It's our immune system cycle I believe. When it's up its WAAAAY UP. When it's down... its REAAALLLY DOWN. It causes over reactiviveness. That's why these diets work for some people for a period of time. The immune system is in a CONSTANT high on these diets. I think acne is caused when the immune system is a constant flux. Which could be cause from a variety of things, I'm going to research this. I'm not saying it's the caue of all acne... but I think for a lot of people it COU
  14. Yes, but they get fat easier. They can control it by eating properly... but if they slip up a bit they get fat easier. Same thing with us and acne. It's the underlying issue that we must find. Now I know people will say it's frome excess sebum... but I bet people with clear skin have a bit of excess sebum as well... etc... it's how our body responds to the excess oil... It treat's it as an invader... it's an over-reactive immune system. Now some may say they don't have the excess sebum...