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  1. Yea it already aired. I actually caught half of the episode today on MTV around 4 o'clock.
  2. I love how if this post somehow mentioned marijuana or a drug problem related to acne then a mod would close this thread before it could hit 5 replies but this horrible joke has been around how long?
  3. Nice post and very inspiring words Necro. I wish people did not care about acne but the sad truth is many people in the world do. It sucks, but hey the general population is very shallow. Ill give you guys a little story to further elaborate my point. The other day my two friends came home from college for summer break and we all decided to hit up Pizza Hut. Mmm i definitely recommend their new pasta. So we are sitting there discussing various things when our conversation turns to one of our f
  4. You are a horrible person. Go die. To speak on topic, however, why are so many people bitching in this thread? Everyone on here always cries because people do not understand how hard it is to deal with acne. True Life is an exceptional show and i am 100% confident it will showcase all the horrible side effects that go along with acne. MTV is very mainstream and people will finally start to realize how bad acne is. Be happy. Stop bitching
  5. Hey guys I have to take my GF to her senior prom tomorrow so I thought I would try and cover up some of my oh so glorious acne. I was going to use some concealer stuff and my moms Bare Minerals. I guess this stuff is good and will do the job but I was worried about the dancing. Whenever I dance I always sweat profusely. I was wondering what this would do to the make up since I am a guy and completely clueless I have no idea. Is it going to look all smeared and obvious or will nothing happen. Any
  6. You are one lucky man indeed. I would do anything for accutane.
  7. Thank god me and my girlfriend both have acne. If your going to suffer its best to have someone right next to you! But this site would be perfect for meeting people. The girls on here are extremely beautiful.
  8. Hahaha well helloooo why not stop and stay a bit? (I am NOT luring you in like the others) :shifty: :whistle: Haha I am but an innocent by stander. spare meeee Awh, too bad cutie. Hahah it's all good, I need to get off my ass and go take a hot bath. :) O nooo. Cant resist. Must make cheesy comment...Can i join?
  9. Hahaha well helloooo why not stop and stay a bit? (I am NOT luring you in like the others) :shifty: :whistle: Haha I am but an innocent by stander. spare meeee
  10. Wow I cant believe i actually read through that entire thing. Thank you guys for a much needed laugh. Mr. Bigger, you are my hero.
  11. I have to take my girlfriend to her senior prom in a month. Man I am absolutely dreading this, its going to be so horrible. I want everything to be perfect and I want her to have her dream prom but how can it be so amazing when I look so disgusting? O well I guess I will have to put my pride aside and pick up some make up. Yay
  12. Modest Mouse in June!!! woot woot! cant freaking wait. I love going to concerts. There is nothing like experiencing your favorite music up close and personal.