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  1. Finally someone else who is on the same dosage as me! My skin issues sound near-identical to yours - I’ve always suffered with mild/moderate acne which was somewhat controlled with antibiotics and topicals but I always felt that they were just masking the internal issues which were causing my acne - I.e overactive oil glands. last year I had to come off the contraceptive pill temporarily and it caused a MAJOR flare up in my acne which never really resolved itself so I finally decided that I ha
  2. I’m not a doctor but I’m pretty sure this has nothing whatsoever to do with the Accutane. This so called ‘semen retention’ practice is not healthy for the body. It needs to be released in order for new, healthy sperm to take it’s place. This ‘leaking’ you speak of (also known as a wet dream) is the body’s natural way of getting rid of the old sperm. It is nothing to be concerned about. Masturbating or having sex regularly will fix the problem. However, if this has not allayed your fears, I s
  3. I am a 54kg female (early 20’s) with mild/moderate (although annoyingly persistent) acne and my derm has prescribed me 10mg Roaccutane per day as a starting dose. My acne is characterized by mainly closed comedones all over my cheeks and jaw with some cystic which tend to scar very badly. I’ve attached some pictures below of my skin pre-Accutane for reference. Weirdly it seems to be way more severe on my right side, with my left only having a small amount of closed comedones (no cyst