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  1. Most of the stuff you are eating needs to be cut out of your diet. First identify what sort of diet you want to go on e.g paleo, low GI, gluten free ect. Tbh you are really going to try some new foods.
  2. When your craving something naughty I ussually eat these instead since they dont break me out and taste really nice and easy to make. http://www.the-gi-diet.org/recipes/banana_cookies/ thats where I got the idea however I changed the recipe a little to make them lower GI. Use the instructions on the site - they are really easy to make aswell! 4 ripe bananas 230g Soya flour (can use rice or potatoe but increases the GI) 2 eggs 3 tablespoons olive oil ½ teaspoon baking powder (gluten free pref
  3. In for a RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Your acne will go eventually just keep your chin up kiddo. Also I love your red hair - neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed (I have a thing for redhair sowwy could not resist ). p.s diet worked for me rawr!
  5. "And she said she needed more time to think things over" When a girl says that before you meet; its basically not gonna happen imo
  6. Once you have solved this "mess" aka getting rid of your perceived imperfection what do you think is going to change? Peoples perception of you? Your self esteem? What? Think about it. Nothing will change because you wont have changed anything. Regarding this patch; cant see it in the picture (you have perfect skin in the picture) but I would advise to just leave it alone and let it heal. If this is a self esteem thing; thinking people are looking at you and your imperfections read
  7. The cure for BDD is the same for every single physocoligical disorder - information. You can get it either from a trained professional like a therapist or you can get it from books. You have taken the most important step of recognising that you are thinking abnormally (which may sound cheesy). Now just finish the problem off and get on with your life. If you want to go down the road of self help via books instead of therapy - I reccomend errrm (I think you are from the US) these below; I hig
  8. Now alot of people are gonna come in here and tell you how pretty you are and you have nothing to worry about ect ect (which is all true; you are pretty hot <3). However you wont believe us; its more important to keep your self belief - that you are some how "inferior" at the moment; focusing all your attention onto these "flaws" because once you have "fixed" them you think you will be happy as a kitten. You need to see a therapist or buy a book on "Cognitive behavioral therapy". There is
  9. A girl that plays video games. How are you single again? To bad you live in the US
  10. Bump for others to read; hopefully will help 1 or 2 lost people
  11. What I say goes doubly during highschool/college. If one person of influence thinks you are hot/popular then you are perceived diffrently. Its group psychology and its dumb; but its still true.
  12. Indeed it can be measured and rated. But is attractiveness based on phyiscal characteristics alone? No should be your anwser. Physical beauty and "attractiveness" are two seperate things. You can have worse genes than somebody else - but still be more "attractive" via clothes, grooming, personality. Physical beauty is what I believe you would like to debate. Yes Physical beauty can be measured and rated; its an important thing in mate selection since its the only information we have at
  13. "she got asked when her baby was due I guess thats just as bad." This is a totaly diffrent situation; the comment was never meant as a compliment it was a question - nothing more. It was a hurtful question and should have been taken as hurtful unlike your friends "comment". Your friend does not know you have massive self esteem issues; when he said this compliment or joke (Hard to judge via words alone; the way it is said is more important) he truly did think you would appreciate it.