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  1. Look into using La Roche Posay cleansing products for the skin. My dermatologist (who is a male) did not advise me to do this, but my coworker had a female dermatologist, and she advised him to never put anything towards his face (while on RoAccutane) other than La Roche Posay! It's my fourth month on Roaccutane, and I'm really feeling the effects (fatigue, tiredness, low mood) but I'm determined to stick out my course. (Not easy while in college, with assignments etc!). Anyway, since going all-
  2. I am likewise on 40mg per day. I had moderate postular acne and am really happy with the results so far! It depends on whether your acne was mild/moderate/severe. If severe, it's likely you'll be upped to 120mg per day (the maximum dose). Seems like she upped you from 40 to 80mg pretty fast though, in my opinion. Did you get onto her and ask about this? I know derms can seem like gold dust to try to get a hold of at times. D: But I wish you the best!
  3. beverly471


    Progress...just 5 days in I saw serious results!