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  1. 22.05 Okay, so things have been up and down. Just broke out with another spot on my cheek (pustule) and one near my chin (felt a lot deeper) however, they are already clearing up after less than a few days. I was quite upset about them as I've been going through a really good stage with my skin and have just been focusing on dealing with the red marks and then these two pop up. But I feel they are on the road to recovery and hopefully the Finacea will mean that they don't scar as badly eit
  2. Day Fourteen My skin has been itching over the last few days for longer than before when I've applied the cream. I think it could be connected with the fact that my skin maybe is revealing new layers of skin which are then subsequently, more sensitive + prone to itching? I am going to apply less tonight and hope that the itching is not as prolonged or severe. Its not intolerable - just uncomfortable. The rest of my skin is quite good - the spot underneath my nose never emerged - I think
  3. Day Ten Only one burgeoning active right on the skin below my septum. I can feel it being quite a painful one - looks red already :/ The rest are pretty standard - don't think any of them are still active so they are all recovering. In general, apart from this minor purging (which I honestly believe are things that were under the surface pre-Finacea - its bringing up lots of spots that I had suspected were waiting to attack) I'm happier with my skin texture and appearance. The red marks ar
  4. OMG All Im saying is .. if your going to give people information or suggestions to "Quit Dairy" make sure you give them "ALL" the information. That if your going to quit dairy... its not for a month ... its for life. No one wants to have to run to the health food store for pills every time they want some ice cream because they thought they could give it up dairy for a month and then reintroduce it in to there system latter if they decided it wasn't a trigger for them.
  5. Day Eight Got quite a few new spots appearing - one on my chin and one next to the nasolabial fold. The only good thing is that they seem to be "over" quite quickly. Probably due to the fact that Finacea increases the turnover of skin cells, it seems that the spots come to a head a lot quicker. They have skipped the red and painful bump stage (which I hate) and come to a head and can start dealing with it once they have been squeezed. My red marks still look bad and obvious. I guess
  6. No, honey is not an AHA or a BHA as far as I'm aware. BHA's are salicylic acids and AHA's are acids like glycolic, mandelic and lactic. As good as the natural route can be, sometimes OTC products are needed. You may want to consider researching products on Acne.org forums or on MakeupAlley (review site for cosmetics) The messageboards are really helpful over there (you have to sign up but its free) as lots of members have similar skin to ours (acne etc) but are very very knowledgeable on p
  7. Day Two I'm dealing with a spot on the side of my cheek - not too swollen and coming to a had (probably quicker coming to a head than before) It's nothing to do with the Finacea as I had it before I got my prescription. In general, I feel like my skin looks better. And I just feel better - like I'm doing something really proactive for my skin. I have one active at the moment which is the one mentioned above. There is slight tingling upon application but nothing unbearable. I'm being
  8. Sorry that you're going through such a bad time with your skin. I'm recovering from a difficult period with mine + I know how frustrating and upsetting is that nothing you seem to do works. I have a few ideas/tips that you might want to consider: zinc supplementation - this saves me from too much inflammation. I certainly notice the difference if I stop for a week. try eliminating gluten and dairy - these are common triggers for acne. I was already a vegan so there was no dairy for me b
  9. Going back on Finacea after 18 months of being off it. I'm excited and need to remember not to apply too much!
  10. ohsailor


    Intro: (I used to use Finacea 18 months ago but dropped it as my skin improved. Since then, my skin has worsened to a point where OTC products are no longer working. ) I'm starting Finacea this evening and will apply once daily in the evening. Products: Finacea and Avene Soapless Gel cleanser. Generic anti-dandruff shampoo + AHA 8% gel on chest. Vitamins: 60mg zinc, 1000mg evening primrose oil, calcium and vitamin d, vitamin C 1000mg. Dietary: vegan, gluten free, reduced caffeine, reduc
  11. 01.05 New month, new approach Went to the doctors last night and he handed me a prescription with no questions asked. Went to the pharmacy but they didn't have any in stock last night so I'm picking it up today! Very excited about this new development. I'm starting a new log which will document my progress on Finacea.
  12. 30.04 Have a doctors appointment this evening to see if I can get back on Finacea. I used it for about two years but stopped a year ago. I thought I had found OTC products that were less harsh to use on my skin. My skin was really quite good back then and I thought I could drop the Finacea and keep the good skin. Turns out...I was wrong. I've got to a point where I don't think anything is helping and my red marks are so persistent. Finacea worked wonders on my red marks and this
  13. I gave up caffeine about a year ago & it was incredibly hard as I was addicted to Redbull (7 cans a day!) and also Pepsi Max but it has really made a difference in my skin. It hasn't cured my acne at all, but the severity and aggressiveness has definitely reduced. It's worth giving up caffeinated drinks and I even drink decaf tea religiously now. I think caffeine interferes with the body's stress hormones which is why it can cause acne.
  14. 27.04 Okay, I am seriously stressing out. My skin is getting worse with every day. Although the situation is probably not helped by my ridiculously close examination of my ski in the mirror I post occasionally on MUA boards and someone has suggested laying off the acids (both BHA and AHA) as it could be exacerbating my problem. So I have decided to re-do my regime: AM cleanse with Avene Soapless Gel Cleanser PM cleanse with Avene Soapless Gel Cleanser apply thin layer of Aven
  15. 26.04 Still trying to recover from the outstanding spots on my forehead. One seems to be very deep and very red - it goes from being quite painful to painless. Its really annoying me and my forehead is quite bad at the moment - perhaps my fringe is aggravating it quite a lot? There are a few minor bumps and red dots on there but thankfully, however bad it gets, I can cover it with my fringe! I have a minor whitehead on my chin that I will blast with BHA to rid myself of it. I've been co