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  1. santaklaus

    Chron's disease and accutane.

    My dose is 20mg/day so its pretty low.
  2. My father have chron's disease and I know the chance of me getting it is something like 10%. Can accutane make that percentage higher? Im on day 21 and scared as hell if I will get it just because of this medicine.
  3. Im on day 20. Last 7 days have been hell. My face started to break out more than ever before and it was so painful too. Two days ago my face looked kinda good and I hoped that the IB was over but today I woke up with alot of new acne on my face. When my face is supposed to get better this is so depressing... My dose is low 20mg a day and i asked my derm about the IB and she said i probably wont get one because of the dose but here i am almost crying..