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  1. Lollypolly, I'm transitioning to a raw vegan diet myself. Just curious... what do you eat in a typical day?
  2. i eat peanut butter all the time, but i only eat the natural kind which is simply peanuts. no added salt or sugar or anything. its so good spread on a piece of 85% dark chocolate. organic is preferable as well.
  3. 1.When your acne started or in general are you self concious??? Definitely when my acne started. I feel a million times more confident now then when it was at its worst. 2. Do you suffer physciological or in general lots of stress??? When it was at its worst, I was living in a stressful family environment. I think less stress has helped me. 3. Do you feel uncomfortable in large crowds??? not really. maybe when i was younger. 4.Did you eat a ton of junk food growing up??? yeah, like most kids i
  4. Yeah it is. I was hard for me to control at first, but after really trying to do it for a few days. Its really becoming my new habit, thankfully.
  5. Water helps my acne a little bit but surely isn't a replacement for a good reduced carb/whole food diet, imo. It does help give me a healthy glow and keep me from being bloated though.
  6. Do you guys think that eating fast can lead to acne and/or poor nutrient absorption?
  7. I believe many candida diets stear away from nuts like peanuts and cashews. But almonds, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, brazil nuts, macadamias, etc should be fine. Nuts are low in carbs; I doubt they will aggravate candida. You could try soaking them before eating them to make them easier to digest/assimilate nutrients.
  8. plant fat is anything from nuts, seeds, olives, avocados, coconuts, etc
  9. while 80/10/10 might work for some people (everyone is unique). i know i work best on a high fat, lower carb diet. and i DO eat many raw foods and am mostly vegan. so a high fat diet also does not have to rely on animal products. if i eat barely any fat but lots of fruit, my skin gets really red and dry, i get bloated, and my i feel my blood sugar spiking. i just feel unwell. if i eat lots of good plant fat, i feel amazing, my skin glows and is super soft, and i have more energy. i guess, its a
  10. So how do you eat? Up until a week or so ago, I always, always ate so quickly, barely chewing my food and I never thought twice about it. I also wondered why i had indigestion or bloating after meals. Then I read an article about the importance of chewing your food until mush to coat the food in your saliva before you swallow it as well as sort of pre digest it a bit. Supposedly this is very important for starches (and plant foods in general). Anywho, since i started doing this, I can eat a huge
  11. I keep clear by eating a lot of olive oil, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil/milk/cream, red palm oil, dark chocolate, almond butter, and tahini. I also eat eggs occasionally as long as they are organic. I eat a mostly vegan diet.
  12. ^thanks for clearing that up. I'd like to clarify that I'm certainly not protein deficient. I get plenty of protein from split peas, lentils, tempeh, beans, nuts, seeds, etc. I probably consume between 50 to 70 grams a day which is perfect my body. I'm not a body builder but I have no problem putting on muscle and am very active. I'm not underweight either.
  13. I decided to add eggs back in and so far no problems. Thanks guys.
  14. i like cayenne because it a) decongests me completely b) boosts circulation, especially in the face, giving me a "glow" c) really helps with digestion and helps me eat more slowly ( i have a problem with always wolfing my food down, hehe)