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  1. Underrated Method

    Most people say they tried drinking tons of water a day and nothing changed with their acne. Now this may be true for a small percentage of people, but I believe people have misconceptions about this. Now I’m no expert but I think that drinking water doesn’t make pimples go away, but it prevents new ones. I’ve researched online and all of the websites say water flushes out toxins and things that cause acne. I urge people to drink a lot of water for a few months and see if your face gets less NEW
  2. Nevermind, the next day the skin peeled off while i was in the shower and it looks fine. A little pink but you cant notice it unless you go really close up to it
  3. I know acv isn’t supposed to be used for acne now, but i was desperate to get rid of a pimple before vacation. I used it without diluting it and the next day the skin was darker and flaky. Is there any way to treat this?
  4. I used to have pretty bad acne last year, but I’ve been taking care of my skin since then and it’s definately improved. The only problem is my acne is still there, just very small. It’s not microspocic but it’s still visible. Any ideas on what I can do?