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  1. So did you get it? I have lots of tattoos so I'm interested in hearing about it haha 14 weeks however is MORE than enough yeah.
  2. Wassup guys and girls. I hope this will still be visible to all of you and I hope that anyone will still read this. Its been 6 months since I've stopped accutane. Had 0 (zero!) pimples since march-september, few little ones showed up few weeks ago but nothing too bad or too big. They usually disappear in day or two. This is me this very moment. Hahah, no, don't worry. My skin isnt going bad again. I've just got home from my first microneedling session. 1st out of 4 sessions. Next
  3. Oh your comment made me remember bad times that I went through. It's definitely hard. True mental challenge to stay strong. Dont give up, you're on your way out. Wait a month and you're good Goodluck.
  4. Thanks man! There are some scars on my temple are which isnt visible on the photo but its not bad at all to be honest. It's awesome! I've had derm appointment and got last 4 packages of pills! That means 2 more months! And I'm done. I'm so f*cking happy. I'll hit 120mg/kg then. I don't have ANY active spot for more than a month now. Skin is smooth, glowing and looking very good. Day 191 today Side effects still the same: - dry nose, bloody (worst) - insanely dry lips -
  5. Alright. It's day 181!! Holy shit when did that pass? I haven't got any active pimple for like a month now probably. Everything is calm and steady. Red marks fading intensively and there are only few left. Nothing bad. Excuse my facial hair again lol. And my dry skin haha, I took that picture in the car right after the work. These little "holes" or "scars" on my cheeks are there since my birth I guess so that's not from acne. I'll get that fixed after if finish accutane. You can see t
  6. Damn it's almost a month since last update. It's very good! My face completly stopped getting any new spots. Not even small ones. Red spots disappearing at full speed and I'm completely confident again and outgoing. These red marks are only visible under very certain light and even then they are mild. But yesterday I got these 3 painful pimples on my neck. One on each side. It's always like that, one area gets completely 100% clear and when I think it's done then somewhere else something happ
  7. Honestly, I'd look forward to higher dosage. I'd do it immediately. Fuck having 4+ months of bad skin. Side effects are there anyway, they are just little bit stronger. I'd take clear skin over anything. Don't be afraid and goodluck. It's only way up from now.
  8. Don't worry girl, accutane IS working because it broke you out. Week 10 was middle of a horror for me, so hang in there. Day 100 and after is when I really started seeing improvement. Stay strong, everything is going to be alright!
  9. Hello people! DAY 134 Feeling awesome. Face getting clear as the weeks go by. Only thing that is solving right now are red marks and even they are not so strong. So I'm basically very satisfied so far and glad that the worst is over. Side effect at the moment: - Dry lips as always - Skin not really dry but last week I feel it more drier than ever before - Dry nose, still bloody when I stick fingers in there trying to clear it - Hand rash returned stronger than ever, on both hands,
  10. Last post compared to the one before is definitely some change. You're basically clear.
  11. DAMN girl! You're literally clear! What happened to you in last 3 days lol, the change is real!
  12. Not sure what do you mean with 'open'? I have 100% smooth face, red marks visible under very certain lights, but 3/4 of the time it looks clear now. Comparing to your results I'm about 2-3 weeks ahead of you. By that I mean that I'm now where you will be in 2-3 weeks probably. Red marks will fade noticeably. I also maybe get 1-2 new spots per week but they aren't even worth mentioning because they are very different than when I had IB. Now they are very very very tiny and gone very fast.
  13. Nothing really. Just wait and it will fix itself with time. And next time try not to forcefully squeeze Looking good overall
  14. How is your skin coming along now? What month/week are you into? 4 months 5 days = 18 weeks 1 day = 127 days for me I'm pretty much not getting new spots anymore now. Just mild red marks that are still fading. But it's looking very good!