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  1. If that's your best, then I guess I am right. This conversation is cloooosed.
  2. I graduated 2 years ago from a private design school. Your "lol" shows your attitude. People with money often sneer at those with less, dont they. Also, I was lucky if I had money to shop once a month. Maybe some do have more than that, but I wasnt around many who did. And no, many dont find A&F affordable; example: a large thread was made in the lounge on A&F & most said it was too expensive & overpriced.
  3. Possibly the sale prices arent far off from A&F (I've never shopped there), but the typical college student still couldn't afford the majority of what they sell. When I was in college, me & most girls I knew could not spend more than maybe $75 on a WHOLE outfit. Pretty near impossible to do at Anthropologie. And their $20 items are mostly plain tops you could get for $10 at Target. Anything cute & different would cost more & be a splurge item. The fact is, most of your list was u
  4. Yes I have checked out their sale items. When I was in college most people I knew, inlcluding myself (& yes I worked my way though school), could not afford their own place, much less an $80 pair of shoes (which is an average sale price, don't deny it, I check their website all the time). I don't know any middle class people who wear Marc Jacobs either, even on sale. Maybe one piece they splurged on once. That's great you make good money for your age & manage it well, but you are not the
  5. Their stuff is awesome....however, affordable they are not. It is clear you are not in the average income bracket of a college student in their early 20s. All those designers/ brands you listed are pretty awesome, but even with sales I dont think that most people could afford it. It's disturbing how wealthier people are so out of touch with reality...
  6. ^^^ If you're a female and looking for skinny jeans, I suggest J Brand jeans; they fit like a dream and they're fucking cute as hell. I also like Tsubi and Sass & Bide when it comes to skinny jeans that fit perfectly and make your booty look like sin. that would be dressing boring the two muted colors is a no-no. replace that with a lavendar shirt and you'd be solid.
  7. I'm no expert, but it definitely looks like a cyst to me. Check out "Learn about Different Types of Acne." I believe you'll find all the needed info there.
  8. Hi guys, I'm pretty desperate right now to get my skin under control again. My skin's main problem right now is that it is sun-damaged from excessive tanning and whatnot, so I need a product containing retinol to assist my skin cells into getting back into shape. What are my options? I'm not looking for presription retinoids, either. Surely, there must be some OTC products out there containing retinol, right? I'd try green cream, but it's way too expensive for me (I'm a working student).
  9. Is anyone familiar with Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream? It has retinol in it, and that's what I'm looking for at the moment because I think my skin is sun-damaged. Also, is it okay to use this product in conjunction with Paula's Choice 2% BHA and 2.5% BP? If not, perhaps I can alternate? Please give me your input, thanks!
  10. Is anyone familiar with Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream? It has retinol in it, and I think I need to incorporate retinol into my regimen because I'm pretty sure that I have sun-damaged skin. Any input would be nice! Thanks!
  11. Holy cow! I think I have the same exact problem as you, Yoshimi! I never even thought to attribute my skin condition (mild comedones) to sun-damaged skin, though!! Just like you, I was crystal clear thanks to DKR for years, and after years of playing in the sun and not wearing any sunscreen, I started to form comedones (something I've never, ever, ever had in the past) in October last year! All this time, I blamed my skin breaking out to birth control pills, as I coincidentally started break
  12. It looks to me like your acne around your mouth/chin area is inflammatory acne (pustules and papules). Do you suffer from clogged pores/comedones/blackheads? Because I don't really see any in the picture. If you're only suffering from inflammatory acne, which is what your chin acne looks like, then I'd definitely give the DKR a go. Basically you wash with a gentle cleanser, apply BP, and apply moisturizer or lotion twice a day, although I've gotten away with doing it only once a day for a co
  13. I just checked the ingredients list and realized that it contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate (4th ingredient on the list). Isn't that a big no-no? I've read that it clogs pores. Is this true?
  14. Hi ZoeBee! Thanks so much for your reply! Right now, I'm not using anything with the BHA; I just wash my face with Johnson & Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash and then apply the BHA. I'm hoping I won't need a retinoid because my comedonal acna is extremely mild. I've never experienced comedonal acne until October of last year, and again, I think the DKR only aggravated/worsened it. I'm glad to hear to that your purge is finally slowing down!! Hopefully, your purge will die down completel
  15. Hello, I have a question in regards to the "initial breakout" that accompanies BHA usage. I’ve been using Paula's Choice 2% BHA Acid for nearly a week now, and I haven't had any signs of irritation thus far (knock on wood). I have, however, experienced somewhat of a breakout; I've had 4 small comedones pop up next to my nose, 2 more in between my brows, and I’ve had 5 pop up on my forehead. I know that your skin is supposed to initially purge once a BHA is introduced, but I was always un
  16. Which is better for comedones? I have a couple of comedones on my cheeks and in between my brows, and while I'm reading rave reviews on this board about Paula's Choice 2% BHA products, I'm also taking notice in awesome reviews for mandelic acid. So, which one's better for mild comedones? Please give me your insight. Spank you kindly. Oh, and if I start Paula's Choice 2% BHA, which I'm currently waiting for, will my skin become dependent on it? My skin is pretty dependent on BP; I break out
  17. Congratulations!! Oh, and pay no attention to douche bags clowning on you; they're just jealous. AHEM--Just because his acne is no where near severe as some people's on this site, doesn't mean that he shouldn't feel bothered or insecure about it. Anyway, congrats again and I hope your face maintains its clarity!!
  18. Hi webstar, Thanks for your input. As I've said before, the rest of my face is perfectly fine; only my cheeks are enduring the hardening effect. Since I'm not using BP on my cheeks, wouldn't it be okay to use the BP on the rest of my face? Couldn't I just treat the patches with aloe vera and/or moisturizer for now, and then when all is well, start using BP on my cheeks again? I don't really think it's necessary to stop using BP altogether because my cheeks are the only problem areas. Also
  19. Hi everyone, I’ve been on the regimen since early 2004, and it’s done an amazing job at keeping my skin clear. I think in 2005, I decided to cut the regimen to once a day as opposed to twice a day, and still, I was crystal clear. Anyway, I started taking BC pills (OTC Lo) in December of 2005, and while I was on them, my skin was unaffected (no initial breakout, no nothing). I stopped taking them in October of 2006, and after about a week, I started to break out on my cheeks. I was getti
  20. Oh, please. I'm sure she's not a bitch. Don't make any rash decisions and dump her like the majority of these people are saying. It's not fair to drop her because of one comment that she made. Yes, the comment was hurtful, but she obviously didn't know it would upset you the way it did. The next time she makes a comment like that (hopefully she won't, but if she does), don't just brush it off like you did last time. Let her know that it hurts your feelings when she comments on your skin
  21. Good for you for quitting. I know my acne is not related to my smoking habit because I didn't get acne until I was 19, almost 20, and I've been smoking since I was 15. Before the age of 19, I had clear skin, only breaking out with the occasional pimple every once in a while. I started to get acne at 19 because that's when I decided to take BC pills. Long story short, BC pills fucked up my skin, but that was all soon taken care of, thanks to Dan's regimen. I stopped taking them for a while,
  22. I love smoking the Doj. I've cut down quite a bit from before; I smoke 3 or 4 times a week, more or less, as opposed to smoking every single day as I did in high school. ANYHOOT, smoking weed doesn't affect my skin, nor does it impair my judgment or make me do something I might later regret. Those commercials running on TV that try to prove otherwise are LAME. Just my two cents.