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  1. Well I'm mostly a lurker on the forum, (just started accutane for cystic acne) but wanted to chime in. Well what our your hobbies that keep you busy and most importantly,your mind off acne? Mine,well...I like to shoot. To be more specific.Precision airguns,do shoot rimfire as well though... Fun hobby with quite the following,much like this forum So....Any hobbies that keep you busy and your mind off acne? Share...Who knows,might even make you feel better... Pics... RWS Rapier/FX Timberwol
  2. Went to the Derm last week and she gave me Clindamycin 2%/Precipitated Sulfur 2% in Cetapihil lotion,and my face is breaking out worst then before!!Where ever I put the lotion my face is red,itchy,and hot! Should I stop taking it?