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  1. vitamin A is fat soluble and stored in the liver and adipose tissue (fat). isotretinoin is a synthetic vit A and is also stored in the liver and fat. i cant believe i still have such super sensitive skin though. its been 15 months since my last pill. and i was only on it for 2.5 months!! i didnt even do high doses either. i guess its cause my acne was only mild to begin with. plus i always took the pills with a swig of olive oil so to maximize absorption.
  2. I don't know why you all are focusing on the term "organic". I never said it was a matter of ingredients when it comes to organic. It really has nothing to do with that. Steroids get into non-organic milk from the hormones they give cows. BUT steroids also get into organic milk because they are always milking pregnant cows. No organic regulations (or regulations of any kind) forbid the milking of pregnant cows. That is why organic milk still has high steroid levels, not because of adulterat
  3. cetaphil lotion with spf burns me too. but the cetaphil creamis great. comes in a jar for ten bucks at walmart. i use it everyday twice a day. only thing i dont like about it is that it leaves a waxy flakes on the skin sometimes.
  4. im still getting dry skin and eczema. its well over a year after stopping accutane. if heard that accutane is eliminated from the blood rather quickly but can stay in the liver for years??
  5. I had IPL for hair removal on my face and it gave me acne so bad I had to go on accutane.
  6. There's a weird "in between" where some doctors have the "Fraxel 1500 SR" without the rolling tip (no blue dye tip). This was before they did a software update and added the rolling tip and changed the name to Fraxel Re:Store. Tell the doctor to his face you need to cancel until he gets the rolling tip. Thats the only thing that will motivate them.
  7. by law they have to give you copies of your chart including pictures. they are allowed to charge a maximum per page of .25 cents or more depending on state rules i think.
  8. lol. reminds me of all the posts on realself.com full of people who had a one treatment and are posting in the days after recovery crying about how their face didnt magically change overnight. also you need 5-6 sessions of fraxel re:store or re:pair at about 70 MJ for acne scar improvement . . .
  9. Like you said with the dead analogy a scar is all or nothing. What I was trying to say that areas that would have been scar tissue that are now not going to be scar tissue due to some sort of reduction in this process would have achieved scarless healing. You are right that we have to be careful what we look at and read ... basically you need them to define the wound. These substances could certainly be used on papercuts and provide scarless healing. Continue to have hope. We didn't put a m
  10. Stay away from the Aurora and anything from Syneron Inc. I had a terrible, terrible experience. You guys really need to wait 6 months while your skin produces new collagen to fill in the scars. Make sure you're getting extra protein and vitamin C. That being said, I do think 6 fraxels is the minimum to start seeing results. Your not even getting 100 percent coverage of your scars until you get 6.
  11. Thanks! I remember being totally skeptical of the dairy-acne link and dismissing it several years ago. I wish I could go back in time and restrict dairy before doing Accutane. I hope a lot of people read this and get it into their heads that even organic milk has steroids, because they milk pregnant cows.
  12. Edit: If to lazy to read. The point is they milk pregnant cows and give hormones to all of them. So it gets into milk and causes acne. I just read an interesting study that followed thousands of teenagers on diets consuming different amounts and kinds of cow milk. Basically any kind of cow milk drastically increased acne in the teenagers. By as much as 44 percent. They scientists blamed it on the steroids that get into the cow milk. When consumed the steroids get into teenagers bodies (who
  13. maybe its the milk in all those baked goods. personally if i eat pure sugar or honey in large amounts it does nothing. but if i consume sweets that have milk as an ingredient then i break out. they just did a study that showed milk increased acne by 44 percent. they said it was from the hormones that get into the milk from the cow. hormones get into milk in two ways. in the USA we give cows steroids and hormones to increase their milk production. second we milk cows when they are pregnant. pr
  14. leave it alone and moisturize twice a day. microdermabrasion will irritate ur skin and do nothing. microdermabrasion is such a sneaky sales item for spas and even some doctors offices. it should be outlawed. does nothing. and will probably make it worse.
  15. I always assumed the shrinkage from the Fraxel Re:Pair happened during the healing phase. But in the video below you can see that it's really happening instantly: (Watch the skin in the background, it tightens after each pulse.)