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  1. hi all.ive suffered with sd for years now.its mainly on my nose and chin.my nose goes red especially when its greasy.ive controlled it i bit by using selsun shampoo on my hair for the dandruff.the selsun works good but its not really for regular use so lookin for another shampoo for in between uses?i use oc8 on my nose to stop the grease which makes the redness go away for a good few hours.am always lookin for somethin better.hopefully to make the redness go away permenant.im sure the redness is
  2. hi there.is it 2 weeks you say you hav been on the daktarin gold cream?were u sufferin from oily,red skin?had tried nizoral cream before but was not much use.will prob give the daktarin a try though.
  3. hi.i also suffer with havin a red nose and am sure its because of how oily it gets.am sure the redness would go away if the oil would.went to a derm few years ago and he said i had seb derm so he gave us some cream but it done f all.the only thing thats really worked for us is puttin a product called oc8 on my nose.it stops the oil but only really lasts bout 5 to 6 hours.when the oil is away the redness seems to also.been lookin for some other stuff that lasts longer than oc8 or somethin better
  4. hi all.ive suffered with oily,red nose for years.i also use both oc8 and mitchem roll on doederant tho never rolled it on my face.been usin oc8 for a few years now and its really the only thing that has pretty much worked for me to get rid of the oil.only really lasts bout 5 hours wi me tho.was just wonderin if anyone else has found a better oil control product that lasts longer than oc8 or if anyone else has used the mitchem on their face and worked for them?