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  1. Anyone heard of this? It was in the London Metro today... just wondered if it's worth trying or a load of rubbish? Link is... http://www.blemishcomplex.co.uk/index.html Thanks!
  2. soap ( bar of ) It's green.... with yellow bits... I honestly don't know any more on it mate, was hoping some one might remember what it was if they used it or if they still do! It just helped me alot more than soaps i've used since so was trying to find some again!
  3. Aye alright, it's abit of a long shot.... but I'm fairly sure quite a few people on here used to actually use it so I was hoping someone more useful and less sarcastic might have a better memory than me for such things. Any... constructive, non-plebish replys would be most helpful....
  4. Hello chaps.... I'm trying to hunt down some soap I bought some time ago - I purchased a few bars and they've lasted me abit and seemed to work quite well ( atleast better than the crap I'm using at the moment ) Anyway, It's green - as you use it, it breaks up a little bit and turns green/yellow... I know its an anti-baterial one..... and i think a I got it from pharmacy2u.co.uk at the time but I can no longer see it. Any thoughts?! Thanks in advance!
  5. My reply isnt constructive, at all. ( Just so you know ) I'm not a violent person, but I would have probably stabbed her with something from my desk.... *ponders over what he keeps on his desk* er, a screawdriver maybe? Anyway. Seriously, if that were me I probably would have been very upset/angry. But having read your post she just sounds rather ignorant to the social implications of giving that to you. If she wanted to offer advise she should have done so freely and in a private place. No
  6. I've tried all sorts of anti-biotics. The only thing the doctors and derms. in the UK have left to try is Accutane, which I have been offered but don't want to try ( yet ). I'm personally of a view the risks out-weigh the benefits, but I maybe wrong. I am at the moment changing my diet something cronic, eating much more fruit and 'better' food than I ever used to and have cut down on my alcohol intake alot as well ( which has saved me enough money to buy a set of new speakers and amp for my ne
  7. Well guys and gals... I've had acne since I was about 12 years old. When I was 13 it got really bad... I tried loads of things on it, as everyone here has done, in hope of a cure. One day when I was about 17-18 it suddenly cleared up, I have no idea why but I was free. For about 9 months it was perfect, my skin was nearly fully healed - I still washed all the time and as far as I know didn't change my diet etc. ( not much atleast! ) For those 9 months I felt so good, so confident, I was paran
  8. I hate electric razors, although easier - shaving is a pain in the arse when you have acne, I use gilletes aloe vera shaving foam, seems to help. I actually shave before i have my showed, i put hot water on my face a few times first, then put shaving foam on, have a shower, then wash my face properly, then apply BP and mosturiser if needed, but that could be to harsh for some people, after shave i tend to avoid, stings really bad, espically if you happen to take the heads off any spots, also i
  9. thanks for the replies, I will read that book, and try not to wash as long as i do, although i'm not sure how, and also use a less harsh cleaner. thank you
  10. Erm, ok - I got acne when i was about 12, at the time I didn't think much of it, my folks said it's just something you get around this age etc, come 15, i realized it wasn't going to any time soon, so started using over the counter stuff, which did nothing, 16 i was put on some anti bio's, which helped abit, although i soon became fairly resistent to them, towards the end of being 16 i became depressed ( again ) and amoung other things stopped trying to get rid of acne all together ( yeah, no w
  11. Ok call me stupid, after having a 2min look at what you shouldn't eat ( http://my.webmd.com/content/article/70/81100.htm ) What the hell CAN you eat? Seriously, im not being sarcastic, I honesly don't know, besides obviously fruit/veg, but assuming the modern man doesn't want to live solely from trees and plants, and knowing he cant cook this into anything else...
  12. hm 73, not overally surprising, although how can you fairly judge your own attitudes?