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  1. did you ringing go away ?

    I had minocycline for 1 month and 10 days (100mg twice a day)  and I felt the ringing in my ear then I stopped right away. The ringing was like motor sound in the beginning.  It reduces a lot over these four weeks but I can still hear a little bit now. During the fourth week the sound was like 'si si si si'. Its been four week since I stopped the medicine.

    I am so worried if it wont go away. I am just 22 years old  T_T....
  2. What exactly do you mean by nonstop? Heavy bleeding or bleeding for most of the month? With profuse bleeding comes iron and anemia issues since you are losing quite a bit of blood. I don't have any experience with nordette so I really don't know. How long have you been on it?
  3. Don't get me wrong, I've wanted to give acne to a couple of people after seeing first-hand how nasty, superficial, and self-absorbed they are, but even thinking that perpetuates the same behavior as they. I'd glady give it to child molestors, rapists, and cold-blooded killers, though.
  4. Microwave, it was definately a reaction to the antibiotics he was on according to his bloodwork(we went to the doc today for test results). They are not sure if it was the Sulfmeth or Cephalexin but the pediatrician agreed it could have very well been the Cephalexin because of his side effects. Within 20 minutes of leaving the pediatrician's office yesterday(and after 8 hours of NOT taking Cephalexin) my son had an appetite and decreased swelling in his face and redness all over. Within 24 ho
  5. If moodiness is all you are experiencing with your BCP and you are clear than I would stay with the BCP. Your moodiness should mellow out, at least some, as time goes by. You are limited in your selection of BCP so I'd stay with it because it works in terms of giving you clear skin. Think about how moody you'd be if you go off of it and then had to deal with acne.
  6. I have a cyst on my left ovary and I have never heard that in my 6 years of having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. VERY interesting, though, so I will try and see if I can dig anything up on that! I know I can't skip the placebo week EVERY month because that is why I'm on the BCP to begin with...to have a period(amenorrhea here), but if it could shrink the cyst to nil, it'd be worth it.
  7. Depending on where the 1 spot happens to be. Say for instance the 1 spot is on the nose, between the eyes, or on the cheek next to the nose, I have every right to complain in my opinion. They aren't normally just a little whitehead when they show up in those spots. They're usually huge, swollen, and downright ugly. It makes me feel I look like shit which I probably do with a spot like that and in a location like that. So now, I can't complain about it? I don't know anyone else who has ac
  8. No, I kept taking it. The ringing in the ears finally stopped about 6 months after treatment. I think the heavy-head and full-ears feeling went away shortly after...it didn't take as long to go away as the ringing. Are you taking 1-50 mg capsule 1X a day or 1-100mg capsule 1X a day? I started with 1-50 mg capsule 2X a day and when we didn't see much progress, my derm raised me to the 100 mg capsule 2X a day. My acne was mild and the 50mg capsule didn't seem to be working. The 100mg capsule
  9. I don't think I had an initial breakout starting Mino or at all during treatment. I know others on here have but I don't recall having one.
  10. I use Stevia and it does take some getting used to. I love to bake as well but have never tried doing so with Stevia because I haven't figured out a safe ratio to ensure the goods aren't overly sweet. I used to use Splenda a few years ago and although they claim it tastes like sugar it doesn't do so hot in baked goods. Xylitol sounds promising though.
  11. I've been making and using oatmeal as a mask and exfoliant forever. I've found that it helps with facial oil, tightens the pores, and calms the skin. My skin seems to "glow" afterwards and feels smooth. I just grind it in my food processor and add water to make a lumpy paste.