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  1. How long do you wait in between applying BP and moisturizer? Maybe a longer wait will make your skin not sting when you put your moisturizer on.
  2. Well first of all, your skin may have different needs than your brother's. If you want to use prescriptions, make an appointment with a derm. Second, at night, I would not use both Clindamycin AND Retin-A Micro. I'm on both of those as well and have been instructed to use Clindamycin in the morning, RAM at night. When I get too flaky, i use RAM every other night. I'm not sure how Dove soaps are, but if you're in pain and stinging, it might be too much for your skin. Bar soaps tend to be pretty d
  3. Wow. One derm visit for me is over 100 dollars. We have crap health insurance.
  4. Well, we don't have a costco here, but I could check with walmart. thanks
  5. I had an appointment with my dermatologist yesterday, I've been seeing her since September and have tried Tetracycline and Amoxicillin for my rosacea, neither which have worked. She told me she could try tweaking my topicals (i'm also on RAM .04 and clindamycin for mild acne, i do not put either on my cheeks) but she said the route she would go would be accutane. I have health insurance, but a $2500 deductible that restarts every year, so i would have to pay out of pocket probably. I called the
  6. You can always work on your body, but not your face. So I'd rather have a nicer face. I don't really have much acne anymore, but my features aren't that pretty.
  7. She probably did. I saw somewhere on this board that she actually said she used accutane and that is what cleared her. Who knows I will have to look into that. I hate the proactive commercials because I know they did not work for me and I feel bad for anyone who believes that it actually does work. I guess it does work for some people but for $40 for 1-2 month supply is pretty damn rediculous. Before I got on accutane I actually spent like $60 on proactive because I got rush delivery and ab
  8. This is probably a men's only regimen huh I don't think any girl that wears makeup would be able to do this. Damn. Sounded promising too
  9. Honey, you are gorgeous with and without makeup! If he really likes you, aand it sounds like he does, he won't care.
  10. Wow. What a thread, Crazian, I believe you. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone. Plus, who the hell would lie about having acne? That's just ridiculous. Prettyboy, you come on here, bash a guy just because you don't believe he ever had acne, then you say he needs to grow up? This IS a support site. We're here to support each other. Now I'm not trying to be mean, I just don't get your logic.
  11. I don't know what your problem is, do you say this to everyone who finally gets clear off Accutane? He's obviously BEEN on it. Please stop being so quick to make judgments.
  12. Well, not everyone will break out from dairy, I love and eat cheese a lot and i stay clear. But as for milk, I drink rice milk just because I hate the taste of cow's milk. But anyway, if it never broke you out before, i don't think it will now. You can try cutting it out though and see if it makes a difference, and just use soymilk with your shakes.
  13. Wow, i have a lot of favorites. I don't think I can name off all my fav songs, but here's a few that I've been listening to a lot lately. Depeche Mode - Black Celebration (looove this one) Lot of stuff from Sigur Ros, they're a very calming band Ok, this is really hard. I might end up just adding everything that's on my computer, so I'll stop there, lol.