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  1. So I've just had another dermatologist meeting (really hoping the lst one was the last one ) I've been through two courses of accutane at 80mg. Differin, bencycline, duac, solodyn, tazorac, etc.. Nothing seems to work. Accutane would improve it but within a few months acne was backed to fight again. I think i have Muhammid Ali acne or something. Before my second accutane course, my doctor prescribed me differin and that just like steroids for my acne, it went crazy. worse acne I ever had and
  2. are the anthony logistics for men products any good for acne and acne scars. ive already been through two accutane courses but theres still some residue, mainly scars.
  3. My dentist recently said I have too much inflamation on my gums and said I might have gum disease. Since tane lowers your bone density, will it have any affect on my teeth. I started my course a month ago.
  4. 2nd month stayed at 80mg. started to break out a little bit again. skin dry as hell. nothing to big though. got lazier (but who cares, i got a reason for it...accutane)
  5. 300, wow. hope you get clear too. day who knows aint trying to calculate. so whe ni thought my ib was gone i just got 3 more cyst. my nose is dry too bcause recently i got a cold and blew the moisture out of my nose with tissues (those commercial of soft tissure arent really true). ive also noticed that im getting nose bleeds. i hardly evr get them and i realized i got them that last time too. prob cuz tane makes it dry.
  6. day 18 so im really fatigued lately. t dont feel like doing much, people have noticed i dont chill with them anymore.. my breakout has really died done now though so thats a plus. a con is i forgot my chastick to day and my lips felt like it was gonna bust.
  7. day 15(actually went ahead a day, just noticed because i finished a box) asside from being annoyed more easily, ive been getting more tired and overall less social. dont go out as much since drinking while on tane is stupid. realized also that you gotta eat fatty foods wit htane, i uess ive been wasting some mgs of the stuff. prob got flushed down the toilet
  8. good luck on your 2nd course. im in one too. btw dont pop your zits. trust me accutane slows down the healing process so eventually if you keep doing it the red marks wont fade.
  9. hey giselle, good luck on your acne. im on my second course 2 weeks in. its just a few months more. dont worry about the bacne. ion my 1st course, i had 3 pimples on my back and thoguht wth too. but those 3 were the only ones i evr got on my back.
  10. day 15 so ive concluded that i got an IB. prob started about day 6. noticed ive been getting angrier and annoyed more easily now. prob due to all the stress of the side effects and acne itself.
  11. day 14 so i jus got another big pimple. to count I have 4 pimples the size of nickles an a BUNCH of msaller pimples half yellow from the pus. the big pimples come at a huge surprise. i have never had large pimples before, just a lot of small pimples, red and yellow. these hurt, never had them hurt either. it makes me feel likesomeone is pulling on my face. is this normal? why is it so different this time? to continue my lows and someventing, i think dermatologists are merely buisnesmen dressed
  12. day 12 some of my cysts have gotten smaller but i just got two nods. i prob will have my dosage up'd. first time i went from 20mg to 80mg within 4 months. and took 80mg for 3 months. now im at 80mg. wonder how 100mg will be. maybe even 120mg. ive always had dry skin but my face was an exception. even had eczema when i was younger. 1st tane ride made my face dry but still acne.
  13. day 10 so ive broken out with alot of cysts and nods. i never broke out this much on my last course. i dont know hwat to do, it make me feel like shit sometimes. although ima pretty confident guy, this shit botters me. im using cerave hydrating cleanser morning and night. i use neutrogena visbly even moisturizer in the morning and aquaphor healing ointment for my lips and severely dry spots. anybody got any tips to get through break out and accutane in general??????? my skin is also severely d
  14. thx cam, i hope we both get clear/ day 9 i got another pimple below my lip that hurts like crazy. it made that area, including my lip numb. this is the first time i have ever had a pimple like this. i cant feel my entire right side of my lip. is this normal???
  15. day 8 i have so many red spots from acne. cant even tell whether they are acne or scars, its just that many. cant do anything about it, just trying to keep patient until tane works; itd better, the money is just eating at me especially since this is my 2nd course.