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  1. I'm on my 8th week and it's been great. However, I was the complete opposite. I was extremely oily and I knew it would take a lot to get me dry. I am just now seeing dryness on my face and arms and it's very mild on my face. I took zinc for about a month before I started accutane and I think that really helped as far as clearing my skin and not having an IB. I haven't had hardly any cysts on my back at all. I actually haven't had a single one in a few weeks. I did notice some scalp dryness about
  2. I remember it all too well. I never really worried too much about any pimples on my face until about 7th grade when my little boyfriend had someone else tell me that we were broken up because of my face. My acne was fairly mild then, just really small bumps and blackheads for the most part, but everyone else still had baby smooth skin so of course I stood out. Then in high school I always had a really ruddy complexion that I tried to cover up, but I would be told to stay out of the sun or get as
  3. Day 50 - Day 58 So I'm past my 8 weeks and will be going soon to get my blood drawn again. I started spotting last night and it freaked me out so I ran to the closest drug store to get a pregnancy test (I would want to know before my doctor told me) but I'm fine and I'm sure it just has something to do with my birth control. I noticed yesterday that my nose seem to really be pushing out the blackheads and my chin was dry and today my nose was dry and my chin and forehead were a little dry as we
  4. Sunday-Tuesday Days 47-49 *Week 7* Sunday was an 80mg day and so was Monday. Today I only took one pill and I'll get back on my every other day schedule. I have been taking my zinc still and I have no new pimples - I honestly think that is the key to not breaking out while on this stuff. Ever since I started taking sotret my nails and hair have been looking better than ever and my hair is actually staying in my head and feels thicker and shinier and not falling out as much as it always has. Hai
  5. Saturday - Day 46 - 80 mg Last night I felt so freakin parched. My nose was stuffy and I just felt really dehydrated so I drank a big glass of water and that made me feel a lot better. I went to work this morning and around 11 I had my first nose bleed. I was hoping I would get through this without one, but I know I'm prone to those anyway. I have an eczema-like rash going pretty much up and down my arms... it is a little itchy, but not too bad... it just looks kinda nasty - thank goodness it'
  6. Wednesday-Friday Days 43-45 Wednesday I only took one pill. The cyst under my chin was completely gone and dry and healing. However, I started to get a huge cyst on my left shoulder and it was very tender and sore. I took just one pill on Thursday as well. The cyst on my shoulder seemed to be filled with blood instead of puss. I noticed on Thursday that I was starting to get a cyst on my left jawline and by this morning (Friday) it had a head on it and was really deep and hard. It itched a litt
  7. Thursday - Day 37 - 40 mg No changes really... I had a cyst developing on the lower right side of my back, but I popped it once it got a head and it felt a lot better. Skin is actually a little oily now. Friday -Day 38 - 80 mg No changes Saturday - Day 39 - Didn't take sotret at all today Sunday Day 40 - 80 mg No changes Monday - Day 41 - 80mg I did two 80mg days to make up for Saturday. I have one huge cyst under my chin on my neck... I seem to get them the worst here... usually only
  8. Day 36 - Wednesday - 80mg day After I posted yesterday I popped that pimple so it looked like a goose egg and was redder... stupid of me but I couldn't take it anymore... it made me feel better to get all that stuff out. Now it is a scab and healing and doesn't hurt anymore. I have no bumps right now *knock on wood* I still have no dry skin on my face at all... my arms seem to be drier, but it is not noticeable nor is it itchy at all. I guess that is it.
  9. Day 35 I woke up this morning to a hard pimple on the right side of my forehead. I kind of noticed it yesterday, but my hair covered it so I didn't really notice it. It is sensitive, but I am trying my best not to touch it. I have been exhausted today so I don't know if maybe going up the extra 40 mg made me feel that way? I got two dry red round patches about the size of a dime on my left arm and in the last two days it seems I have developed an itchy rash on my arms. I've read that sometimes
  10. Day 28 (Tuesday)-Day 34(Monday) -I've made it a month!!! This past week has not shown any changes. I am currently washing my face with purpose since I like something that lathers and is gentle at the same time. Every once in a while I will use cetaphil and sometimes I use my proactiv cleanser when I feel those blackheads popping up on my nose. My face still is not peeling. I get out of the shower and I have dead skin that comes off, but it goes away by the time my face is dry. I have a bump und
  11. I am having a hard time keeping up with the journal since I've been pretty busy, but here's a little recap of what I can remember. Day 17 Friday This was the second day I started to take zinc in the morning and still taking the sotret at lunch. I ate a little for breakfast, but it wasn't enough and the zinc made me a little nauseous. I wanted to see if it would help heal those spots on the side of my face that I had picked at. Day 18 Saturday I went to a nascar race and we took the cam
  12. Day 16 So I now have a pimple from where I tried to get rid of a clogged pore on my lower left jawline and three other little scabs on my cheeks from last night... I was doing so good not picking too My face has been SO FREAKIN OILY today. My lips get horrible right after I wash my face and I have to make sure I moisturize every 20 minutes or so. No change in anything.
  13. Day 15 I took a Vitamin E today (400 I.U.) - since my eyes have been feeling irritated... I read that it would help and anything on the internet is true right? I haven't had any mood swings yet (that I've noticed anyway) no skin dryness yet except for the lips... no new pimples either... however, I did make the mistake of letting my fingers wonder onto my face and feeling little bumps... I try to squeeze out whatever is there so of course that makes it a lot nastier looking than it could hav
  14. Week 2 I started to get a hard feeling pimple (about the size of a pencil eraser) in the middle of my forehead between my eyes, but it started to dry up before it even got red or popped out and now it is gone. My lips did start to peel today and my chin was a little tiny bit dry... if I scratched it with my finger nail you could see dry skin, but you would have to look closely to see anything. Still fairly oily... no dry skin anywhere else. Scalp still itchy and eyes are still a little irritate
  15. Day 12 My face was so oily my boyfriend's mom thought I was sweating. I have the nice reddish sunburned look, but other than that my face looks really smooth and shiny and the oil is crazy. Day 13 Nothing new to report on today. I also wanted to mention I have read where people have lack of a sex drive after starting accutane - not so much here. Just being as careful as possible - don't want any babies. My eyes are still feeling irritated today... I have read vitamin E helps that, but when