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  1. When I drink soda and eat alot of greasy foods (no big surprise) I start to really break out. I havent been drinking alot of soda and I eat less greasy foods, and my skin is getting alot better..
  2. I used to go to a derm, and he told me food has nothing to do with acne.. But for my case, I'd disagree. When I drink alot of soda, it aggrivates my skin. So, I'd have to say, like I always say.. It depends on the person. That and he told me that NOTHING, and I mean nothing will work like the meds the derm gives you. Now, if you think about that for a minute you realize this... The amount of money the meds cost, most over 100 dollars a perscription, and they get paid for giving you meds. The med
  3. I have some witch hazel stuff, my derm told me it was crap.. But hey, theyll tell you anything do you need them. If it works for you, then use it.. Every product is different for everyone. 8)
  4. I think I should start a healthy diet too. I drink SO much soda, I know I shouldnt.. It doesnt make my skin any better, and its bad for your teeth. So, NO more soda for me. I am going to drink lots more water too, and eat more veg and fruit. I'm going to cut out fast food, well.. 99% of it, and eat less greasy foods. I doubt it will last, but I'll give it a go
  5. I think all of the Queen Helene probucts are really good. I have the mint julep mask, egg yolk mask, honey mask, mint julep facial scrub stuff and they each only cost 2 dollars and something. 8)
  6. I'm on Orthocyclen, and thats really helped my skin. Most of the spots are gone and so is the redness. My doctor said my skin will be completely clear in 4 months. I was on doxycyclene (sp?) and that wasnt working, so I stopped going to the derm and went on BC, and believe me, it really works.. But, its different for eveyone.
  7. I love the mint julep cleanser, it makes my skin feel really clean, and its cheap too!
  8. I used to take doxycycline, well, I sould be taking it. I stopped. It did cause infection, it just didnt work. I havent been to the derm and I stopped taking the med, now I use Oxy and Queen Helene products and my skin is starting to clear up.
  9. I was put on that, it didnt work and when my derm told me to eat with this pill, he wasnt joking. :?