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  1. yeah i can see mine too visbly and im sure its what cuases further whiteheads and zits.. cos of all the clogging.. ive tried exfoliatoin both manual and chemical but stil nothing has helped
  2. nuh i already know ive got whiteheads.. they are different... they are clogged pores with bits of skin over the top covering it. these are in addition to the whiteheads.. they appear in other areas with no bump just stuff actually visible from the pore... just like an open blackhead only its not black... theres no skin over it so its not a whitehead
  3. it doesnt relaly look like pus.. it looks exactly like a blackhead but its fully white... some have a dark plug at the bottom.... but they are absolutely everywhere! suckletheswine, thanks.. ill check out your post
  4. I have clogged acne prone skin with lots of whiteheads.. but recently i noticed something really weird.. after I wash but most obviously after I do a facial mask or those sorts of at home care i look in the mirror and out of every single pore - large and small is a white thing... i extract some of them with my blackhead extractor and the stuff comes out fairly easily .. like little plugs - like blackheads only they are white... but not whiteheads coz the plugs are actually visible... when
  5. DAY 5 - my skin is drier but no new pimples... oh one smal one the other day but its on its way down already. Over did the medication on my chin (where I had a bunch of angry cysts).. my chin has been peeling like crazy for 4 days already and is still peeling and has a very sunburnt look and feel to it. whiteheads and blackheads seem to be surfacing everywhere - my skin has tiny bumps and feels like sandpaper... i read that this is what topical retinoids are supposed to do.. must be the is
  6. ive never ordered from pharmacy direct but i think i checked it out last time and its standard delivery so thats usually anywhere between 3-6 days usually. did i tell u i gave up on the acne cure already! actually i gave up on my skin and went to the doctor.. got prescribed eryacne and diane 35... hope they work out! [-o<
  7. I started isotrex (isotretinoin gel 0.5%) about 4 days ago and really notice that all my white and black heads are surfacing - my skin feels very bumpy to the touch and the stuff that was under the skin is coming out. I read that this is what retinoids do - (eg. differin, retin a) etc... but for how long will this last? How do I know whether its working or whteher its just making things worse ? anyone had any experience with topical retinoids?
  8. that sounds awful.... i got my fingers crossed... i went on diane about a year ago but only for about 6 months.. although i didnt notice any great difference it didnt seem to make it worse... ill try this out for a longer period and hope for the best meanwhile today my skin seems the same... all the existing zits just seem at a standstill, not decreasing in size at all !
  9. day 2 and my skins not improving so instead went to a doctor and got prescribed Diane and Eryacne... starting a new regimen then!
  10. any aussies on the acne cure? what products do you use? ive been using left over stuff at home but going to go and buy a SA wash and some GA (the one i use now is 15%) any recommendations?
  11. mustangsally, i might do what u do and see how things go from there... last night i gave in and put a moisturiser on my drier parts ... my overall skin texture seems okay... no new zits popping up but the ones i had before starting are still there, still just as big!! i think i need a really good spot treatment or something to use!
  12. I only use the BP at night... last night i just had to moisturise a little over it coz i was so dry and could barely move my face # I'll see how my skin feels each night after the BP, if its bareable i will leave the BP on its own.... i think im seeing an overall improvement in my skin but on the existing acne it doesnt seem to have made any changes at all.
  13. im still on day 2. ive found slight improvement in my overall skin texture i think... but it doesnt seem to have had any effect on existing pimples. Do you find that the acne cure is more of a prevention or does it heal up existing pimples also? or do you need a separate spot treatment?
  14. no probs... i just saw couple of posts on acne.org about the aqua glycolic... there were at least 4 pple using it i think