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  1. I was once a 10 year old kid and one of my older cousins had acne and i told her "hey you have lots of pimples, you should try clearasil" She was cool about it though, she laughed and got her friend over and told me to repeat what i said. Then they both laughed and so did i! Now i'm older and i have acne...sigh the irony, and kids say that shit to me now
  2. i don't even take 10 seconds. 10 seconds is way more then enough I take about 4-5 seconds. The fact is you don't need very long to cleanse your face. and yes the longer you cleanse your face the more irritated it gets.
  3. Trust me ordering online is much easier then you think. All you need to do is get a job. That is the hardest part. Once you got a job, apply for online banking. Just go to the website of your bank and go from there to set up a online bank account. After that go to the Paypal website (google it) and apply for a paypal account (it's free and ignore that crap about being over 18 you can still register). Once you got a Paypal account it couldn't be easier. When you order Dan's stuff online jus
  4. I have acne and starting to get alot of them. My mum give me no support at all. They keep saying stuff like "your youth, everyone has em". I tried taking things into my own hands and go to the doctor who prescribed me some cream. I'm a poor student who has no money. I asked my mum to buy it for me and she refused. She keeps insitsting that it will all be good and i should just learn to do nothing about it. Now she's using my acne to guilt trip me out with everything that i'm doing wrong. Sto
  5. honey...you have a finance that loves you for who you are. Don't worry about acne! Your not afraid of your acne your just a little insecure. Just be happy, lift your head up high. A good exercise is to just dress stupid, pull your hiar back so your whole face is showing, drive to some random place where noone knows you and just walk around with your head held high forgetting everything that's bothering you and just be happy!
  6. bro wtf? It's called meeting chicks. She didn't have sex with him, how is she a slut? (which is what your implying) How else do you meet chicks? Do you date your sister or your mum or something?
  7. I've been using Dan's products for about 2 days now and i've noticed how oily my skin get's. I have oily skin to begin with but with Dan's products during about midday my skin looks extremely oily. My sister said i looked like had some sort of facial. Should i not use the moisturizer? I think that's what's making my skin look really oily. BP has a drying effect so it can't be the bp.
  8. I bought Dan's prodcuts a few days ago, and for some reason the area around my mouth is having a weird sensation. I feel like it's dry and peeling and when i move my mouth it feels like there's something in my skin. However when i look in the mirror it's fine, no peeling, no redness and my skin feels smooth. It feels like i've absorbed something and it won't come out. I've applied BP and moisteriser all over my face but for some reason only the area around my mouth feel really retarded. An
  9. I've always thought it's just all in my head. However now i know it's not. How do i know? because I notice other people's acne. I'm pretty sure people notice mine aswell. minor to some cases of average acne is ok for me. When i see someone with severe acne and i talk to them face to face, i cringe. I certainly don't judge someone for there acne, but i do find it disgusting and very off putting. i feel for them aswell as i know what there going through.
  10. well i think you shouldn't...but i don't think it will matter that much. Personally i can't stand a pussed up pimple, looks absolutely revolting, i pop it regardless. If you can stand it, leave it alone. If you can't stand it like me make sure your very careful. Wash your hands and use a sterile or atleast clean tool to pop it. Maybe like the other end of your toothbrush or something.
  11. Man Mooj, fix up your mistakes in the FRONT PAGE! anyway, about the face soaking thing...how do i soak my face for 60 seconds without breathing? I can only manage about 30 seconds... Also do you take the ACV RAW? or with water? you didn't specify...