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  1. You have made amazing progress with your scar revision procedures. Congrats!
  2. It would be nive to see some pictures. Good luck with the healing
  3. The only function of accutane isnt drying out your skin. It works on many levels, herein decreasing your sebaceous glands which is the primary reason for cystic acne. People who develop cystic acne have overactive glands, and accutane shrinks them. Ive never had any cysts since i finished accutane. And this is the best thing that happened to me. When it has reached a certain level not taking accutane will leave you with not just acne but acne scars.
  4. You are completely right on your assumption. I had the exact same things for a really long time, deep under the skin that hurt when i touched it and sometimes never came to a head, when it did, a lot of pus+blood came out. I tried so many things for many years and nothing worked. After 8 years of battle with cystic acne i resorted to accutane. And that cured my acne for good. I think you will do more harm than good if you don't go on accutane. I can clearly see on your pictures that you are d
  5. It's truly amazing how people can be bothered by something invisible to the eye. No offense but you should see a shrink.
  6. Hmm. I guess its the temporary swelling that faults the eyes then. However i think subcision for depth and peeling for surface is a sound strategy. Regardless you look cute. The scars shouldn't make you any less confident.
  7. I can clearly see a marked improvement. Ive looked at before and afters presented above and your bigger scars on both cheeks have become smaller and the tone/color of the skin resembles the sorrounding skin much more! Im so glad that you are yielding results, cause now that doctor is on my list! Way to go mate
  8. You should really address the redness on your face more i think. Im not an expert but i had a lot of redness going on as you, time helped a lot. And i think microneedling really improved the redness alongside retin-a use for about 5 months. If you are doing lasers, i dont think medium or low strenght laser will do it for you. You need strong lasers for those scars. Try and ask some experienced doctors on realself as well.
  9. That is extremely severe scarring and a ton of fibrosis, poor fellow. I hope dr Lim can improve upon that. Regardless of the critics and whatnot, im pretty certain the doctor is doing him a favor. Possibly not charging him the ton of money that type of scarring costs.
  10. Have you had any procedures for your acne scars?
  11. Where will you do the infini? Im from Denmark as well and i've also underwent subcision by dr Emil
  12. Sounds interesting, what is the name of the doctor, and where is his clinic?