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  1. hey all, incredible thread. I'm looking forward to getting on board with this regimen. makes a lot of sense what white fox and gutflora.com writes. got a couple of questions though. first of all. what's the deal with milk? gutflora.com says eat fermented foods and lists dairy products. haven't we all heard that dairy products are bad, not only for acne but your overall health? what about people who are lactose intolerant? is cheese and joghurt different from milk in that it doesn't contai
  2. In the beginning sugar can trigger acne because of course it feeds the acne bacteria. Once you have healed your ecosystem, the acne bacteria anywhere in your body is held in check by your immune system. Your immune system is 70% the status of your intestinal flora. As far as water kefir goes, make sure you are letting it ferment until it's about 70% done... it should not taste too sweet. If you want you can actually just let it settle, the pour off the top and just drink a little and eat the
  3. ok, so after having drunk water kefir for the past two days my skin has gotten noticeably worse. I suspect it's the sugar. I will continue drinking it but I do't know for how long.
  4. refined white sugar, no salt, raisins. that's about it really. mine didn't expand much either. maybe you have to make a couple more batches first?
  5. i received a message from lieko as well. at first I was sceptical but today I finished brewing my first jar of water kefir. in two days I'll have a drink and will report back.
  6. well, all i can tell you fro my experience is thr follwing: i've been using it for two months and apply it every 3 days on my hair and face. just use a very small amount for your face, leave it on for 3-5 minutes and then wash it off. the only thing i've noticed is an even more increased oil production because it dries out your skin quite a lot by stripping it of all the oils. therefore, as you probably know, your skin tries to overcompensate thus producing even more oil. firthermore i haven't n
  7. some experience here but i'm wondering what causes blackheads. i can't tell if it's fat or sugars because i get them either way.
  8. hey all, i was wondering if there's a general consensus about how certain forms of acne (blackheads, postules, cysts etc.) form? can we for example say, that blackheads are caused by x and cysts are caused by y? i suspect it might not be that black&white but i'd like to hear what you've got to say. i have mainly blackheads left and i don't know why the won't stop forming. i think that the less carbs i eat, the better. the strange thing is that it seems not overly important how much carbs
  9. what is the exact brand you guys use? thanks
  10. i've been taking vitamin D3 for a week now and i haven't noticed any changes yet. should i up the dosage?
  11. i wouldn't say that adult acne is caused by food allergies per so. more so, it can still have the same triggers teenage acne has.
  12. thanks to jksl. i'll try to. didn't danny once say the same thing? that too much fat increases insulin resistance?
  13. yes, i'd like to put on a few pounds for i weigh in at 137lbs. being 5'11. i do work out enough to have an athletic body frame, tough thin. i know that i could put on weight eating alot of carbs, but then my skin would get out of control. also, i put on fat mainly in the belly area and i want it to be distributed evenly throughout my body...
  14. hey there! there's currently one question that makes me ponder. i'm eating a lot of fats lately leaving the amount of consumed carbs at around 100g per day. Furthermore, i think that i maintain my calorie intake which is around 2000 calories a day but the problem is, that i'm losing weight. does anybody have a clue why that might be? my skin is actually a little better if i cut back on carbs bot too much fat makes it as bad as too many carbs. the treshold is just higher with fats. any ideas?
  15. 1) What age did you develop your worst acne? - 15 2) Are you under weight, overweight, or average weight? - slightly under weight 3) Do you have dark circles under your eyes? - no 4) Do you use topical medication (or have you in the past)? - yes 5) Do you use antibiotics (or have you in the past)? - no 6) Have you done internal cleansing? - yes 7) Have you changed your diet? - yes 8) Have you changed you physical activity? - yes 9) Have you changed your emotional/psychological ap