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  1. Hi there. I need some advice regarding the caveman regimen. A little background: I'm a 20yo female, and had mild acne from the age of 13-14 . around 17-18 I went through a really stressful period and it worsened into severe acne. I was put on accutane for a couple of months and it cleared me up completely.That was 3 years ago. I still get pimples that are fairly large and cystic every now and then. I used to have 1-2 new pimples on my cheeks every few days or sometimes every week and that wa
  2. Thanks for sharing! I am currently on my 30th day of doing the caveman regimen and I am breaking out so much more than pre-caveman. Is it normal for my skin to go through this purging phase? How long did it take for your skin to calm down and not break out daily?