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  1. Wow, really? I would think that'd be too harsh for most people on Tane, so your skin must be super resilient. Lol :P I think you should be fine taking it in the summer as long as you use a good sun screen and avoid unnecessary amounts of sun. Good luck! :) actually my skin is pretty sensitive, but i guess these are such low doses that its not relevant. i also did chemical peels, the one that burn like hell, whilest on 20 mg per day. im thinking that the accutane sensitivity is more to pr
  2. Ive also done 2 courses, one 6 month 20mg/day and one 3 months 10/mg a day, for me those were ruglar courses lol, so ur 'whining' of how low dose that is is ridiculous kidding im ona 10mg every 10 days from october last yr, when i noticed some breaking out, and i wanted to do some scar reductions, so i needed my face clear for that, and that why im taking this treatment..i did cut it to 10mg every 15 days for 2 months cuz i was pleased with the rsults, but come spring i got some nastly pimple
  3. noup , for me none...my blood results are all normal, like b4 i ever took accutane, lets hope they stay this way :) so far im thinking this 20 mg per month is good enough to keep it tidy
  4. ive been taking 10 mg every 15 days, since november, it helped keep acne at bay. although i got a few the past weeks, might be the spring thing, or the stress ive been having.
  5. Ive been on laser treatments whilest on acc, still am, did IPL and syneron e laser. hurts like hell but no side effects so far.
  6. Just got my blood tests, all is good I did drop the dose to 2 10mg pills per month, cuz i was getting a bit dry. The effects are almost the same as witha higher dosage, body has cleared up, so its cool... its a good way to maintain the skin while doing agressive treatments for scars, and not risking some damage to the skin. If i didnt tkae this one pill per 15 days course, i wouldnt be able to to those treatments, since i would have active acne... and blood results are actually better than be
  7. Hi, im on 1 mg a day for about 2 months now, its been going ok, my body acne subsided as well as it did while i was on 20 mg before, and my lips are dry as before.. so im thinking that , at least for me, its the same now as it was while i was taking 20 mg a day... go low dose
  8. Hi all, Just to update. Took 4 pills so far, so that means a month on it already i notice that my lips became dryer almost after the 1st pill, i got only one mild face acne since, as opposed to one weekly b4 starting this round. My small bacne is still there, al though they are rather tiny, i can just get them off with my nails gross lool. Im gonna do the blood test soon, so ill se how it reflects my liver. Also, ive been doing serious microdermabrasion , chemical peels (AHA 50%) and some
  9. No, not 1mg tabs, rather a 10 mg tab every 10 days, i beleive thats how they dose it.
  10. Hi all, dont wanna open a new topic, so this will be 'my problems topic' for all issues So , afer i finished the last round of accutane, ive been gettin pimples on face and body, though not so severe as pre accutane... the problem is that i decided to undergo treatments for my scars and red marks. I did microdermabrasion a week ago, im doing a laser treatment (syneron e-laser) in a few days, and ill be combining that with AHA peels, fruit acids, by neostrata (50 % and 75%). So, since im gon
  11. Hi all.. Ive taken 20mg/day for 6 months 10.2005-4.2006 and 10mg/day 3.2007-7.2007 (3 months 10mg per day) im gettin it again now, on my body and small ones on my face, so im considering of starting another round...do you think enough time has passed from the last round, about 3 months now, so i could start again? male, 73 kg, 23