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  1. Hello, I'm three months post accutane and it cleared up most of my acne. The problem is the redmarks and scarring that was left behind. When is it safe to start a redmark treatment? My skin is still kinda sensetive, but it's getting back to normal due to time. Have read great reviews about mama lotion combined with emu oil. Hope it's safe post tane.
  2. Is it ok to use jojoba oil while on tane?
  3. No Mercy, this is during accutane treatment, and that info have nothing to do with how the meds work. Vitamine A we all know, but high protein = bullshit.
  4. I'm 5 months in, and i've been drinking ALOT!, my tests are fine. My body is and have always been in very good shape due to training, nutrition etc.
  5. I had it aswell. Almost crashed my car at night .
  6. No mercy, are you sure that those studies are made on people while taking accutane? Seems more like regular acne info to me...
  7. I don't see any links to studies on that site.
  8. excercise lower the hormone levels = less breakouts.
  9. If the tane "cures" your acne it should be okey to lift weight. If not, then you have to live with the breakouts or stop the weightlifting.
  10. Weightlifting = high insuline = high hormone levels = breakouts.
  11. You can breakout during the whole treatment. My IB started week 3, and went on untill month 3. 3 ½ month in atm. Still experiencing some breakouts, but not more then 1-2 / week.
  12. One of my mom's friends took it, and she was 55. She cleared up
  13. I'm exactly like you m8. Broke out horribly between week 3-4, but now it's getting better! Stay strong
  14. Linking this post for the 3rd time! Protein shakes are made from "NORMAL" milk, It's nothing magical. Just buy a protein that dont contain vitamin A(when on tane), or bring a banana and a shake with milk to the gym instead. You should lower your weights at the gym. Most people that workout hard while on tane (inc myself) get jointproblems and musclepain (lower back on me the first month) so lower that weight for your own good! "Sweat does not cause breakouts, but if you wear the same clothes t