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  1. so i am using:

    enzyme cleansing gel

    seaweed cleansing lotion

    collagen moisturizer (spf-15)...though you might want to try oil-free moisturizer (spf-17).

    i LOVE them, seriously go buy them. the toner for me lasts three months, and the cleanser lasts nearly a year. in the smallest...yet fullsized...size.


  2. about your cleansers, and moisturizersss. well, i LOVE mario badescu. it's a spa in new york city.(: www.mariobadescu.com; and i recently changed my products i was using from them which i actually like a lot better, even though my old ones were also from mb.

  3. I like Urban Decay the best. I don't have any by MAC or Urban Decay, but my friend's mom has a train case full of MAC and my friend has 2 or 3 palettes from Urban Decay. She doesn't have the UDPP and her shadows stay on all day. It is crazy.
  4. Nivea Soft has jojoba oil and vitamin E. It doesn't break my skin out, but some people do not react well to jojoba oil, so I can't guarantee that it won't.
  5. I really want to try it, but because of the moisturizing ingredients, I am afraid of it breaking me out. Some people complain about it leaving a film on their face. It would be really nice to have such a simple product to cleanse my skin, so has anyone else used this with success? I'm not about to try another acne cleanser... they just kill my skin. If Dove isn't good, are any of the following decent? Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash
  6. I agree... it never clogged my pores, but they don't have anything for those with abnormally pale skin such as myself. Dream Matte Powder is the closest thing to light enough, and that is light coverage at best. I'm glad it works for you
  7. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock is my favorite. It has a fragrance, but it has a matte finish and has never broken me out (more than usual, anyway)
  8. I've only used three Organic Wear products: the tinted moisturizer, the pressed powder, and the concealer. The tinted moisturizer was too yellow/dark for my skin, even though the swatch was lighter than my skin and slightly pinker than the product. The pressed powder left a very shimmery finish... I wouldn't call it dewey, but shimmery. It also reeked. I liked the concealer, but it fell out of the package before I'd even used a good amount.
  9. Yeah, it is good, but it's not the best...totally not worth it.
  10. Like some people with acne treatments and how nothing keeps their acne away...nothing keeps my flaky skin away! Every two or three weeks, my skin (especially around my mouth) gets itchy, red (in the severely dry spots), and so, so FLAKY. It feels like sandpaper...and it's only because my moisturizers aren't strong enough...too much salicylic acid in my regimen, possibly. I have Aquaphor, and it works fairly well, but it's not enough... any recommendations? I also have a Vaseline lotion, but I
  11. Alright! I just wasn't sure about how it was in comparison to others as far as breakouts. If it's not much different...then I'll think about it, put it on my wish list, and if I'm still interested by...hmm...October? Then I'll go for it.
  12. Thanks to everyone whos responded!! I use L'Oreal True Match Foundation sometimes in C-2 Nuetral. Does that mean I should get the L'Oreal blush in Neutral too or does it not matter as much since its blush?? I don't think it really matters as much, because it's more of a matter of preference. I think any of the 1-2 blushes are a safe bet. But I did notice that with the True Match blushes (at least in C 1-2) the shades (under the same name) kind of vary...one will seem really peachy, and an
  13. I was out shopping yesterday, and my friend's mom told us to check out either Bare Minerals or MAC. The first thought that went through my mind was "...hecks no!" I proved that Bare Minerals wouldn't match my skin when we went to Sephora, but I knew I couldn't prove anything when we got to MAC. As I guessed, I was right. They found my perfect shade in the Studio Fix Powder (N3), and despite the fact that it breaks some people out...I want it!!! My skin didn't look quite flawless, but they didn'
  14. I've tried four, and I don't think any of them broke ME out, but it might be a different story for your skin. Physicians Formula has a few mineral blushes, pressed and loose. I like the one I got minus the color I picked (err, that's probably going to sound a bit crazy). My favorite (color-wise) is L'Oreal True Match blush in C1-2 (for some reason, they have two different colors, and the one I have is kind of a pinky rose...but it's the same color my face turns when I get flushed, and I was tol