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  1. Hey, I saw your post on 'little holes'. I used to have that in the past :) I began to use Skinlogics Clear set. It's a miracle worker. The website is www.BeautiControl.com Look 4 the Acne Prone set :D

  2. No, washing your face 3 times a day will make your face more oily, just wash it when you wake up and when you go to sleep.
  3. acne doesnt make you ugly, some people try to avoid someone who has acne, they think you're dirty, so you feel ugly... Im not social because of acne
  4. Ah, hello, I don't have pimples righ now but I still keep washing my face twice a day, but the problem is that 1 month ago I started to get Little holes in my face and everytime i wash my face i get more and they look like scars, I'm not usin any products im only washin my face, i can't stop washin it because i will get pimples, any ideas? srry for my bad english
  5. Ok I'll do it after school, thanx eryka u r a good helper.
  6. Hi I just want to talk about my life; im 15 years old and I started to have acne about 1 year 6 months, I thought It was something normal, a life like teenagers, but with the time the things were changing,. 6 months ago I went to USA New York , nice city, to pass my vacation and My face was getting blackheads and whiteheads but I thought that with the time it will disappear But I was wrong. My uncle from Usa saw my face and he bought me Oxy daily wash BP 10% I didn’t use it because I had in m
  7. has anyone tried ERYTHROMYCIN? I hve ERYTHROMYCIN but i Hvent used it yet any ideas?
  8. I used to have an emo haircut but not now, since i had to started to have acne i cut it because I realized that I was havin acne on my forehead and all my face. Thats sad for me =(
  9. kick her assss, or fight with her ... no just kiddin. I feel sad today
  10. well, Im new usin BP, I have Oxy daily wash and Oxy cleansin pads (has anyone tried this?) , is it good use BP? can someone tell how to use BP? When I apply it on my face do i have to wash it again or leave it on my face? When do I have to use it? Mornin evening,night? help srry for my bad english dios los bendiga
  11. Well, I told to my uncle about my acne, and he bought me something call: OXY CLEANSING PADS ; BP 2% OXY DAILY WASH BP 10% Ive never used that before, can anyone tell me how to use? My mom and dad are mad with me they dont want to buy me nothing =(.
  12. Im 15 and All the things that u r sayin r happenin to me, I had a girlfriend she left me because i started to have acne 2 years ago , she didnt like ppl with acne. I used to have a cute and clean face but not now. Since I started to have acne my life have changed. I always cry, I dont really know why my bro and sis dont have acne, all my friend dont have it, im the only in my class who have it. I have tried everything to stop this But i cant, i have gone more than 3 derm and nothin nothin, I al