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  1. Hello Dear Young one! Dont worry it will all be ok.. I have a 13 year old daughter that has acne too. Sometimes bad and sometimes not. She too used proactive and doesnt like it anymore. I bought her some clinique acne solutions and she seems to like it. It makes her skin look radiant. Iam a 44 year old mom and I too sometimes get acne. Please oh Please dont pick on your face. It will

  2. I just ran upstairs to grab most of the creams I have that I could use, thought maybe people can tell me if their good or not. My subcription product: BenzaClin Topical Gel (clindamycin, as phospate, 1% and benzoyl perodixe 5%) Clean&Clear Dual Action MOISTURIZER HYDRATANT, oil-free. Medicated to help treat and prevent pimples. Those two are the ones I use most often. The very expensive, VICHY NORMADERM; Anti-imperfection, Hydrating care I haven't used yet but might; VICHY NORMADERN A
  3. that's horrible D: it must be pretty hard for you since you haven't had to deal with it as long as some people have. I'd say that's just as bad... Well maybe you can keep reading this thread, people are giving me advice and it'll probably help you too! Maybe we can join the people with pretty skin together ; ;
  4. haha cute. I don't know if I can start right away though. Benzoyl Peroxyde (lol sp?) I think I have that but in a doctors subcription of sorts, it's the cream I've been using the longest time now...it...works kinda bringing now the really phsycially painful ones in a couple of days, but dries up the face a lot so I also have a moisturizer for that...think it's Clean and Clear, probably for acne prone skin. My mum tries to buy me lots of stuff to use cause she feels really bad but doesn't really
  5. Took a quick look at it, kind of putting off homework for the forum right now just because I don't feel like working lol... but uhm I don't really get it? Throw away old products...uhm...I dunno what product is it telling us to use? Only saw like, okay doesn't clear up in a couple days scarring will happen such and such....eh?
  6. Lol why does that almost sound creepy. :) I know it's silly, it's not really one of the things that bother me that much anyway..or...I don't think so I dunno when I get into one of those moods, I just get irrational and emotional and feel like well...shit. I guess I just really needed to let all that out cause yeah, I couldn't even tell the guy I'm in love with LOLLAME. ; ; just gaaahh bugs meee... it really is a big part of my life; worrying about the way I look I mean. :/ I don't really
  7. yeah I know ... :/ it just sucks you know? feels like you were the one cursed with it or something. I know your right though, hard to justify the way I see it haha. eheh another thing I know your right but it's kinda the society we live in, it's always younger and younger now. I've had friends laugh at me for never having a boyfriend or ever been kissed because they have sooo many times and such. I've met their boyfriends and I've had to watch some of them suck face and it really does no
  8. Hi everyone. I just registered to this forum and am already posting quite a bit. I was mostly interested in this section, Emotional and psychological effects of acne. At the moment, I'm feeling very low on self-confidence and worth, which happens often enough during the day, if only for a few moments. I was brought to this site when I searched google for the simple tagline 'acne free skin', found acne.org and just figure that this forum may help me a bit. If not just find people that can symp
  9. I'm a new member. Hello *wave* "You have a zit right there *points*" Oh? Really? I wouldn't know because I NEVER stand in front of the mirror for hours on end staring at myself thinking I'm the ugliest thing in the world trying to pick away at the source of my despair. Nope not me. Many younger children enjoyed calling me zit/pimple face in grade school. To make myself feel better I laughed at them and told them just wait, you'll get it worse. A little less then what someone has said ab