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  1. Just stop. Benzoyl peroxide ruins your skin in the long run. It destroys your acide mantle and dehydrates your skin, which makes you more prone to acne and leaves you open to getting fungal acne which is even more difficult to treat. Stay away from this product.
  2. I'm in week 3 of quitting benzoyl peroxide after about 6 months because it had completely ruined my moisture barrier and gave me sensitized skin. Most people who stop mention that between week 3 and 5 they start getting really bad breakouts, often with unusual acne. The reality is that benzoyl peroxide of course doesn't cure acne, just treats the symptom of a larger issue (either hormones or some gut issue ). When you use bp for a long time your acid mantle is destroyed and your skin becomes
  3. I know this is a few years later and it would be a miracle to get a reply, but did you ever cure your condition by chance?? Usually when people fix stuff they leave so....maybe?
  4. Hi glad you got off it. I'm trying to do the same after 6 months because I've developed sensitized skin because of the regimen. I've read countless accounts of people who quit and who get insane breakouts for months after. Did you experience this? How did you stop? Wean yourself? Really interested to hear about this.
  5. Stop while you can before it messes you up anymore. I'm 6 months in and desperate to quit but unfortunately I'm way past that point as the bp has forced my skin to overproduce oil (which it does for everyone), which is why when you try to quit your acne comes back worse: there is excess oil and also no anti bacterial agent to keep the acne bacteria in check. Do yourself a favor and quit now.
  6. Don't use this product. In 6 months it's taken my skin from healthy to damaged. It may clear away acne but you are doing so much damage to your skin that will take very long tp heal. You can also not just quit BP whenever you want because ask anyone who has tried to quit, they get extremely bad breakouts for months up to 8 months after quitting. I'm in the process trying to get off this horrible product without going into that breakouy and also somehow trying to heal my skin. I am actually quitt
  7. Hello sorry to bother you. I read on a post that you were quitting benzoyl peoxide last year and using honey to help you along. Was just wondering how long the post benzoyl breakout lasted for you? Thank you in advance

  8. I started using the acne.org regimen last year in October and at 1st it worked wonders for me. But with time it started being less effective and now I basically get only some of the advantages but way too many disadvantages: my skin is producing more oil so it's shiny, my skin tone is rough and my skin tone is messed up. I know tbat quitting is hard because you will break out really bad for months as your skin attempts to heal. There is np longer an active ingredient to kill the bacteria and you
  9. Are you using it everyday? I don't use it myself but when researching it I read that you should only use AHA 2 times a week. If you want to use it everyday then it's suggested you use about 50% AHA and then 50% of the acne.org moisturiser and mix them together before applying. The AHA can cause your skin to become red.
  10. I understand how you feel. I'm 34 and still have mild acne that greatly affects my personality. I have depression because of it and it affects my self esteem and even my ability to do my job. Have you seen simpleskincarescience.com? It provides really useful information that can probably help you.
  11. How much bp are you using? Many people say they break out worse during the 1st 2 months but then their skin gets much better. Have you considered doing contact therapy with the bp? Put it on 20 mins before washing/showering. It has the same effect but isn't as extreme because it doesn't sit for hours.
  12. I'm wondering how long the dry/flaky skin period should realistically last? I'm in my 4th month of the treatment and my skin still gets very dry and flaky, with my forehead covered by a layer of dead/dry skin that I can't get rid of. Shouldn't this have passed by now? How long does this last? My skin has also not really gotten better. There was an initial period the 1st month and a half when my skin was perfect but then the dry/flaky skin started and I get at least 5 yellow pimples each day so I
  13. A dermatologist would be a good call if you can afford it. If it's getting worse then it's a good idea to get professional help.A
  14. Thanks. After doing some research I saw that a good rule is minimum 9 hours and maximum 15 hours. I try to keep it between 10 and 14.
  15. It happened to me too. I was told that it could happen. My skin eventually cleared again. Most people say give it until month 4. If it is still not better then it might be time to consider other options. Also make sure to keep doing everything as instructed. I kind of messed up with my routine in the 3rd month and it gave me a big setback.