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  1. anyone? sorry it is so long
  2. Hi everyone, I finished a 7 month accutane adventure in april last year and was completely clear. 4 months later it started to leech its way back into my life. So I used some creams for a bit but have decided that the creams aren't really stopping the process more just slowing it down. So I went to the doc and she gave me another Rx for the tane. Now my question is, for those of you who are giving it a second kick, How was you IB the second time? What was your second experience like? My acne is
  3. is it possible that it is just razor bumps? before accutane i didnt grow a lot of facial hair but im now growing quite a bit more( nothing to do with tane) my cheeks look a little bumpy i judt dont know if it is acne coming back or razor bumps? they arent red really... argh!!! thanks for the support guys
  4. its not inflamed thats the thing the pimples arent like the ones I use to have... they dont really hurt they are just small... but im afraid all this work is going to waste. Maybe I will start using a mild face wash for a week and see if it helps and then go from there? Man i really dont want to go throuhg hell again.
  5. Ok So i was on Accutane for 8 months ended in April and I have to been off it for Almost 4 months. Accutane changed my life my face cleared up perfectly it was as smooth as a babys bottom and now just recently in the last week I have started seeing a few small whiteheads on my chin... What should I do? Is it maybe just a bad week or is it coming back? Should I go talk to my doctor? Please save me before Acne eats my soul for a 2nd time.
  6. I am using a Nivea moisturizer that contains Aloe... any suggestions would be great
  7. hi all i am noticing that i keep getting a dry spot arounf the one corner of my mouth... i moistrize and then in about 2 hours it is all flaky... any advice would be great thanks!!! Thanks!!
  8. Hi everyone I was just wondering if you guys think it woudl be a good idea to use the baby brush regime while im on accutane? Also I am using a daily face wash in the morning and evening and it has sacillyc (sp?) acid and I am finding my face getting very dry is this a bad idea? Any tips welcome! Thanks!!
  9. Hi all this is my first post... OK where to start I started getting acne when I was probably about 15 or 16 and am now 18 I have tried a bunch of things from over the counter products, benzoyl peroxcide, tetracycline, and now finally I have decided to go on accutane. Anywway my acne is typically on my cheeks and chin. I have been on accutane for about 1 month and have definetly seen improvement on the cheecks but I am still breaking out at the chin... now i know it takes a while for it to work